Monday, January 28, 2013

His First Days of the MTC

We got an SD card in the mail today with just a brief note to send it back. Oh, and to get him more addresses of his friends....and a huge hint that we need to up the ante on our letter and  package sending! From his brief  note, we believe that his companion is Elder G. (the one that looks like Josh's alleged Chinese cousins) and that he was cool! I was thinking these pictures had to be Night/Day 1 or 2 because HOLY COW is this really a room of elders? It looks like the carpet was even freshly vacuumed! Glad to see that they were all having fun! Josh mentioned that Elder Jake Miles was in the same building one level up! Hopefully Pday is coming soon and we'll get more details than a SD card with some photos on it. For now, all I can ascertain is an all elder district, very neat room mates  and that they all look like great young missionaries that are having fun (and studying hard).  Are they eating rice or marshmellows?

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