Tuesday, January 29, 2013

He's Alive! Week 1 Letter

Hey family!!!! Honestly this whole thing has easily been the hardest thing I have ever done. It is ridiculous but yesterday I got called into the MTC presidents office and the first thing he said was, "Elder you are not going home." Then I was like, "OK." So anyways I'm not coming home. I have thought about it a lot and I realize that I have to give all the poor chumps back home a chance to woo the girls that are waiting for me.

Anyways thank you to everyone for the letters and packages. Honestly mail is the greatest thing in the entire world. I look forward to it every night. So please everyone, even if I don't know you in the slightest write me!!! (that was desperate) Hey Jerbear I want to let you know it was honestly the hardest thing leaving you and I love you so much. You are such a stud and I love your 10 letters in a matter of 2 days. I look forward to seeing you again man. Whatever you do man you be the best at it. 

Jacob, thank you for the letter it really changed my out look on life and I just wanted to remind you to send my highlight film out to the schools again. Also you are not allowed to kiss any girls because I have to be here. Bro you would not believe how many foxy sisters are here its ridiculous (no pun intended). Like it is honestly hard to flirt so I just say hey good to see ya sister which is code for "let's kiss in 2 years". 

Cassie thank you for your letter I laughed my head off. I miss your sarcasm. Sarcasm isn't allowed around here believe it or not. Caty I hope you enjoyed my picture. I thought of you the entire time about how I miss my little princess. 

Mom and Dad thank you so much, I love you guys for everything. My companion looks like he is strait outta of Compton. If Compton were China Town. I could not tell if he was terrified of me or hated me for the longest time. MTC is pretty super spiritual and something that I am clearly not used to. When ever a cute sister comes and asks me where I am from I say in my Irish accent "Dublin." I'm pretty sure most the MTC thinks I am Irish. Thank you for all the love and letters it means so much. I miss you all. Shout out to Elder Garfield, Jeremy, Krieger and that Nadauld kid who are coming in tomorrow. Thank you to Steven Bashann, Mac Troy and Megs for writing me.

My room mates have a wall dedicated to their girl friends and since I got no pics I drew a picture of me and some nameless girl in stick figure form holding hands. It was completely scandalous. Thank you to Sister Noll and the Miles family for the package. I love him. It turns out that Elder Miles is two floors above me and its awesome because I see him every meal and at night. He is honestly a life saver and a reason I'm still here. God bless, Send more stamps, write me and stuff. Love you all. See ya next week. Also send back that memory card.

Much love, Elder Buhler.

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  1. It is so good to hear Josh's early experiences in the MTC. I remember getting a call into the MTC President's office once. Initial thoughts were concern because you rarely got called into his office. Ha! Thanks Kim for sharing his letters!