Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 2 - Josh Continues To Enjoy The MTC

Hola everybody !!! first off I would like to say a "screw you " to all the people who think I will be coming home. You guys are awesome and keep doing your thing.

Sister OF THE WEEK!!!! Sister L is from Ogden Utah. She is brunette with blue eyes. Tall with a wonderful smile. She got an 8 on the Elder Kou scale, 7 most days but 8 one day.

So I have been basically sick this past week with some flu type thing and it was not fun at all!!! I lost like 5 pounds which was cool but I missed class yesterday because of it which meant I got to sleep more but i couldn't sleep at all so.... balls... doctor says I need to be healthier. There is this Elder named Elder B who is honestly just classier than ever.

We had to poop in a cup. It honestly the hardest thing ever. But I didn't want to look dad in the eyes when they sent me home and say dad, I didn't poop in that cup. But ya I did. Then the sisters told us they did and I threw up . I didn't know that girls poop. Weird. I have been basically balling kids at bball. It's ridiculous. I am actually considered athletic here. Its pretty fun. "I say pass me the rock" and they do. 

S/O to Murphy for going into the MTC, Amie for your tryout for the voice go kick but!!!
I can say I knew you when you are famous!!! Jacob bro I miss you! I hear your sick!!! I hope you feel better man !!! Don't cut your hair or kiss a girl while I'm gone!!! I got you the best birthday thing ever!!! Also you are the man of the house so act classy but not too classy or all the white kids will start showing up! Cassie I already wrote you but your emails and letters honestly make my day they are so funny you must of gotten hilarious while I left!!! I did say your sarcastic comment and I got chastised up the wahooo. Caity!!! Gosh princess I miss you so much!!! How's dance and everything and elementary school? I hope you enjoy my pictures!!! Love you . Jared I swear. How are you man? I miss you so much!!! How's soccer and girls going?!! Are you behaving? Not too much. I love your letters, man love you so much. Keep classy. I miss you the most!!! I swear man keep the fam bam together. Don't forget rangers. Jacob how did the recruitment email for me go? Also how is everything in the fam going? Keep dad alive!!!

Cant wait for
Elder Edmunds to get here so I can have someone to talk too!!! Bro you got to hurry no one here likes sports!!!! Clyde also hurry!!! I here the peay twins are coming..... I saw Johny and Isaac!! Excited to see Jalon (write me back) Tre is having his farewell and stuff I hear!!!

So there is this australian sister who thinks
I am Irish. So as long as I just lie for the rest of my life I think we are gonna get married.  Sister C, I think.

Also there is Sister D, she says if we meet again she will write me.
I intend to make my own destiny.

My companion says the darnest things like "elder
I’m gonnna hurt you"...

Miles gave me a blessing it was cool an tight...

I love my district.

Baker compared me to Saul.

I need the following address: darrien olivas, zach gardiner, connor snyder, frixs, ryan porter, carson rawle, tyson mcdanioles, nolls, castell, pilester and conrad.

Marchbanks it wont let me send letters to you!!! Keep sending them. I need your address love the blanket. Only comfort I have. Also please develop the pics I am sending to you through the mail in the other memory card.

Grimshaw - tom hanks from efy is here and he remembers.

Thank you to the
Bitters and Nolls and Grasselys for all the treats and Sister Paystrup it means so much for your support. Love you all!!

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