Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MTC Week 3: Josh is a Vegetarian? Huh?

(this is Josh's quick, rambling, fun loving, UNEDITED, unspell checked, and especially ungrammar checked letter) It reminds me of Josh at home who always told you what was on his mind, good bad or otherwise. It sounds like as always, he's happy go lucky!

Ni hao everybody!!! this week has been insane!!! first off ive been sick for a lot of it but i can't be a wuss because gods not a fan of those. I am currently a week vegitarian and stuff...no meat all because alste miles dared me too. and its really hard to be honest i miss meat so much. but ya what evers i suddenly have a passion for animal rights and stuff. i felt the spirit this week it was weird turns out i have a lot things i have tried to forget and they all came out this week. it was crazy i was crying and stuff . talking about my pops cancer (love him) but ya it was ridicuoulous. 

sister of the week. Hermana smith. this wonderful sweet loving sister who honestly has the most caring eyes in the entire world . i was sick in the hospital and she said to get better and she started to tear up it was kinda weird but comforting. she kinda looks like kecia farley. weird..... 

My teachers are the best when i was feeling the spirit i talked to bro workman and honestly the man is god sent and when he talked to me it wasnt him it was an angel. he is honestly what keeps me on a mission. i love the guy so amazing. 
Liudishang is way tight too he always is there for me and stuff and keeps me on the right track. wei jie mai is like you mom it is ridicoulous you guys act the same way but she talks like you. 

So when it all came out president baker MADE me talk to some counselor because he says i have been through a lot. and he said if i didn he would take away my mail... so i went... cause i like mail...

Kou is being pretty cool love the lil guy try to make him happy. my district is awesome. there are 8 missionaries out here but ya i love them to death. amazing guys i love elder shelton so much. we call our DL fuher flint i love him. 

miles is doing ok i love being there for him. 

Wrestled aldste zaug that was an interesting choice..... not exactly moral in any sense. 
Met some cool elders, elder westbrook knows dawson pederson and elder mumford is cool because of his last name. 

still kinda flirting. im learning a lot of chinese and some french. chinese is coming along nicely and im reading the bible currently. 

I love cassie letters to me they are so fun fill and full of love its rididcoulous how much i laugh from them. jared you better try out for rangers and work hard. caitlen!!!! how is my princess doing??!?!!? jacob be good to mom she loves but ya buddy i love you. mom be nice to cassie she is trying. patience is a a christ like attribute and stuff and ddad i miss you tons...

I miss fishing a lot.... 

Jacob do not forget to send that lettter to sister faux!!!! or send it to miles and he will give it too her. 

SHout out to mac for entering the MTC love you brother thanks for the letter write back maybe? jaon!!!i will see you tommorow man i look forward to seeing you. love you buddy. peays i hear are coming in and elder edmunds i am looking forward to seeing you!!!! we can speak in chinese together and stuff!!!  cinna you are coming too i look forward to seeing your asian eyes. also jessi noll for getting invited to junior day!! how was it? jacob i your ID camp is this week. ball it up man and play like you have been there before  .

Thank you to the nolls, grassleys, nadualuds and harris and mommy and sister paystrup for the packages it means a lot. 

Jacob get my scarf. 

I need the following address. Ryan porter, frixione, darrien olivas, kecia farley,  dalton brady, bro nelson, calvin, mitch budge,  max terry, justin b, and idk maybe amie .


bu zhang lao

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