Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 5: Good, Better Best

Alright, Ni hao, My Fellow Americans!!!

To start off this address, I will announce “sister of the week” as SISTER FAUX!!! She is perfect and stuff!!!  Beyond that, I can't say anything because I’m a missionary now!!! (Probably going to marry her)

Had a super duper spiritual week. Had promptings and followed them. Talked to Swedish elders and talked to Elder Hanneman and Edmunds.

Lately I have honestly been balling it up like a boss with elder Edmunds. We have become pretty tight. We always run into each other in the classroom and showers. He is a baller.

Shout out to Taylor Bird for your farewell!! Ball it up man, I know you will do amazing thanks for getting me on a mish!!!
My boy Elder Argyle (Spanish fork) just left. That kid is such a stud and will be an amazing mish. We had a lot of good talks and we actually bonded pretty well. Turns out Spanish fork and Springville are a lot alike. Haha. I love that kid.

Please pray for Elder Paystrup. He needs our prayers. I hope the best for him. He is such a stud.  I love you man, get better.

Congrats to my lil bro Jacob for just being a big time recruit for all the schools making me proud!!! atta kid.

Been going through some traumas of my past but through faith and being positive the  Lord has helped me feel at peace.

I always run into Sister Woods. She is so funny and we always talk forever. She is pretty cool. I guess for a ginger. J

I love my Swedish elders but they are leaving soon and it kills me a lot because my best boy Miles is leaving. I also love Zaugg, Simas, Johnson, Hansen, Stafford and the rest of them.

Met a sister going to Hong Kong. She was a looker for sure but my mom is better because she went to Hong Kong too.

Hermana Howell is pretty cool.

We always talk about how this is exactly like EFY except my crying and dancing is of the devil.

Saw Megan Jackson this week. That's always a treat and a half!!
There is good, better, best. It’s good to follow rules, better to follow all the rules but best to save a soul

Also I swear my girlfriend should probably write me..... (jokes i don’t have one)!

Also i have bonded pretty well with Elder Hanneman. He is a total stud. I love the kid to death. These past 2 weeks have been tight. We have gotten to know each other a lot and he will go so far in life.

Elder Kou finally has a crush on an Asian sister (go figure).

I got snitched on by someone. We don't know who but then I got chastised but if I learned anything from Snow its rule 1. sell bricks rule 2. don't snitch rule 3. get chicks. Now that I’m a mish i can’t do 1 and 3 but rule 2 applies!!!

Anyways, love my dad. Hope you getter better pops and my mommy I miss you a lot. Cassie, I love you and think you are so beautiful. Jacob, attta boy. Jared I am so proud you. Caity you are so cute~!!!! i love you!!!!!!!!!! 

Shout out to Troy for being awesome. Miss you bro!!!!

Elder Buhler.

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