Tuesday, March 5, 2013

MTC Week #6: Ni Hao From MTC

Yes, mom edited it. If you would like the unedited version, please email me at attorneymom129@gmail.com. Only those closest to Josh will understand Josh's humor....

Hola every one!!!! I would just like to start off and say NI Hao!!!

Sister of the week goes to Sister Moody who says we are going to get married!!! She is from Salt Lake  and has blue eyes and blond hair!!! Turns out her brother is my teacher and did not appreciate me calling him “brother in law moody!!!” She is serving in the Cantonese Hong Kong mish!!

I said goodbye to Miles like 2 days ago and we shook hands and then after he closed the door. I started bawling like a baby. I am not really good at goodbyes, but hey who is!!!??
I cried a lot.

The MTC is the opposite of Snow. Its spiritual and stuff.

I can say a lot of things in Chinese. Besides learning Chinese, I like getting mail and gym.

I did sealings at the temple. They are pretty kosher.

I realize that I was a total prick in high school to a lot of people. I want to say I’m sorry. I hurt a lot of people and I was not the best person towards girls and I would like to say I’m sorry. I never realized how much damage I had done till I thought about it.

Elder Kou got a picture with a 10. He is pretty proud of it!!!
The constant word I hear around here is rebel.

I have been balling it up with Elder Edmunds lately. It gets really intense but ya know them young bloods come on the court with their big ear phones and shiny shoes and I’m like "don't reach young blood, don't reach."
Loving seeing Andrew Clyde.  He is a stud!!!

Thank you Bashan for the packages and thank you grandpa and grandma Harris for the ties!!! Thanks to everyone and the sisks for the packages, I love you all!!!

Still getting chastised and loving it.

I have story time at Elder Edmunds room every night around 10ish *(shhh ) but they don't believe half of what I tell em.... poor kids.

Jared, Sister Peay would love it if you wrote her!!!!

My favorite GA talk has been Elder Russell Nelson. I just want to go out there and be the best mish I can. Preach the heck out of em and stuff!!! I am really excited to get out there!!!

 It would be cool if Dawson, Dallin, Spenny and Derik wrote me back, but hey cool.

Spiritual part WARNING:

God loves you. He loves all of us and so does Jesus Christ.

Love all the letters I get from everyone. Keep doing it!!! You guys make this bearable!!! I am on my 7th week and can't wait to get out and go tell people God loves ‘em. My new motto is saving souls and stuff and got to bring a little heck to save heaven. I miss you all. I wrote all my siblings . I hear Cassie is tearing it up in volley ball and Caitlin has a solo and Jared found a new friend!!! Jacob, keep grinding it gets better!!

Elder Buhler

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