Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MTC Week #8: He Leaves in 1 Week for Taiwan

Bonjour Everyone!!
So it was our roommates birthday and we decided that we would  would buy a First Presidency picture and we signed it " To our # 1 fan,have a great mish champ!" Hahaha. It was hilarious!
I got a blessing form the Korean elders for comfort because lately according to my mom "I am a woman."
I'm not coming home. I am just worried about the health of my family everyone.

The only thing i am worried about is if dad and Cassie are ok. That's what worries me. It's kinda hard not knowing if I will for sure see them again. D and C 118: 3-4 helps comfort me but still it is very hard.  The reason I came on this mish is so God would heal Cassie and dad. That's it. 
Peace out Elder Workman and Sister Woods!  Chill and marry you guys in 2 years!!!
I love the movie the Restoration so much!  It is awesome!!!

So at the doctors yesterday, I wrote down Jared and Jacob and for some odd reason Amie as my emergency contacts. It was a joyous occasion.  The nurse was honestly the most beautiful person in the entire world. I definitely have mission goggles everyone. I definitely do.
So Mr. Boss, I am now officially friends with the kid who made that amazing music video.  His name is Elder Rawle and we are friends.
So I am learning Chinese pretty well but as a side thing I am learning french and honestly I am picking it up super quick. I was messing with some elders who have been here for 4 weeks and already schooling them.
Been balling it up with Elder Edmunds lately. I swear me and him could take on the Heat. Not really but it would be a classy showdown.
Elder Kou is a stud and ya!!!
Elder Miyasaki  is doing good and I have hung out with Elder Bate!!!
There was a kid who was honestly punching a wall at the dry cleaners repeatedly.  I wanted to say something but Elder Kou thought it was best for me to leave the demon alone.
Starting next Tuesday my new address is 

Elder Josh Buhler
#498-11 Wu Chuan Road
Sorry this is so short. It has been hectic. I promise the next one will be better. Love you all.

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