Thursday, March 28, 2013

MTC Week #9: Flying To Taiwan by Myself. Hope I Don't Miss My Connecting Fiights

NOTE: To understand Josh's letter you should know two things. First, I (Kim) accidentally sent to Josh my debit card instead of his so Ric and Jared got permission to drop it off to Josh at the MTC. Second, Josh got really sick and instead of leaving with his group on Tuesday for Taiwan had to wait 3 additional days to travel. Tomorrow, he leaves and he flies alone to Taiwan. Pray he makes it!

Bonjour everyone! I leave tomorrow for the great unknown!!  I make a layover stop in Seattle than off to Japan then Taipei.

I just want to point out that today's email will be full of some fun stuff but also some serious stuff. First of all, I met the guy who is the creator of  Jak and Dax. 

So I got a new companion and his name is Elder Chan Tung.  He is a ZL so technically I am a ZL. So I'm a zone leader, cool. Then I got switched to being Elder Jace Edmund's companion which is like a dream come true. The kid is like my best friend now. He is so tight. I can tell him anything.  But ya this week has been crazy. I mean we (Kou and I) had some serious discussions but its all good now. I miss him a lot. He is like Jacob except more obedient. I got to see my father which honestly was a tender mercy or a reward the Lord gave me. It was so emotional to say the least. I was holding back tears waiting for my paapi and when I saw him, I burst out in tears. Honestly I said "daddy ahahahha".  Then I saw Jared and I was like "Bear." It was amazing and honestly so good. Gosh darn it! I love both 'em and all my family right now. But then I got sick and had to delay my departure date from Tuesday until tomorrow.  My mom had a nervous break down and called every girl she deemed wife able email me.  

 But ya then my district went to China and it was sad. I have honestly never felt so lonely in my life but Edmunds and Chantung have been bros to me. And though out it all, Chan Tung never lets me rest. I thank him for everything and Edmunds.  I have decided we are going to be interpreters at Nuskin and per say make bank. and then room at Snow. Ya we are awesome. But I would like to get to the point of how much I love my district so much and my teachers. Today has been full of spiritual things and honestly I can't tell you them all. There have been times in the past two months when  I was gonna come home because I felt inadequate but then my teachers said that I was okay and I felt the spirit and it was so good.

Also I would like to bring up the topic homosexuality. First of all, who are WE to judge them. We know them not, we know not why they love who they love. We should be loving. I'm not saying we should let them marry in the temple but I'm saying we need to be more loving. It bothers me how we just throw around the word gay or homo .I'm serious when I say they are people and you are people and what makes you better than them? Jesus said through the atonement everything that is wrong in this life will be made right in the next.  Jesus says love EVERYONE. I'm sorry about my rant but Jesus said love everyone and I say love everyone. So before you say something mean always put your self in their shoes.
Also I would love to say thank you to President Jenkins and Brother Barton.  With out them and Brother Liu and Brother Workman and Townsend and Nightengale I would not be where I am. Brother  Workman has also been like an older brother and I love him so much for that !! And Elder Kafusis is pretty dope . Love everyone.
I'm off!
Please write me!!!

Elder Buhler

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