Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 7: Shout Out to Paystrup, Dangerfields...Leaving in 2 Weeks

Guten Taug everyone!!!
Sister of the week. Well I didn't really have time to do sister of the week so we will just give it to Sister Faux again.
Hey so lately I have been hearing about how people are treating the missionaries who came home for whatever reason pretty badly and  all I would like to say is. Stop it. First of all before you even think about judging others remember what Jesus said judge not for ye know not  or JSM judge righteously. The mission is the hardest thing I have ever done and I can attest to how rough it is!!!! Plus I don't see all of you serving a mission cause I promise you it is the hardest thing ever. There is a statistic that says 98 percent of missionaries who come home early stay active and lead active lives in the church. Missionaries who serve full time missions on the other hand have only 55 percent who stay active. Is there something about enduring to the end? Sorry that's been really bothering me because I know every mish who has come home and they are all amazing guys and I would want them watching my back rather than some RM I don't know.
Anyways this week has gone by pretty slow but hey I leave to china in 2 weeks so I am pretty pumped to lose weight and preach the gospel!! The Chinese is coming along pretty nicely if I do say so myself!!! I can almost put together a sentence!!! Just kidding I am doing pretty good!!!! Me and my companion are having some rough edges but hey what marriage doesn't!!!  Got chastised for having my zone down 2 containers of cereal and then that night got chastised for having to go use the bathroom by President N. It was a heart warming affair.
I met a new brother !! Brother Enygstrom!! He is pretty tight. We have been balling it up in gym with Elder Edmunds who is my go  guy. Ee have a new motto "be athletic." We don't care about buckets, we care about looking good!! And passes!!! Anyways he played for Alta and I have fond memories of him running me over at Snow!! He also played at BYU, go figure!!! He is a stud!!!
I have been praying for Mr Dangerfield!!! I put your name in the temple. You are honestly one of the most caring guys ever!!! I honestly wish I had a danger dawg with some pickles stuff and danger sauce... hint hint... but hey everyone pray for them and buy a flipping hot dog!!!
Send more cool ties ( hipster, wool, skinny, or just cool). Mom, there was some cool ties at AE (American Eagle ) that sounds weird.
Congrats to Dallin Nelson for getting his call. You are going to be an amazing mish!! I love you!!!
Thank you for all the packages!! Frix your family is awesome. I miss you both!! Tell everyone I love em!!!! Thank you to the hannemann family for their wonderful package. It means a lot!!! How is everything at home?!?!?
Jared I hear you are tearing things up in ping pong. All \I can say is keep doing what you are doing and unless you want a letter with ballerinas names on it I can't help ya!!! I love you bear. I miss you lots!!! Go tear it up and play like a champion.
Cassie what's up? How has volleyball been!!! I miss you sarcasm.
Caity I'm glad you enjoyed those signatures because one of them sisters that signed your letter thought I was flirting but ya know you are worth it!!!
Jacob, I hear SHS soccer is struggling !!! Well you tell Rick this and the boys !!! "the best defense is a good offense and the best offense is SPARTAN kick to the chest"
Thanks for the letter dad!!!! And mom thanks for the flip flops!!! If anyone wants to send me food i will not complain.
Also I have received letters that say the said person will only marry a RM. Well all I have to say to that is so am I!!! haha table has turned!!!!! ohhhhhh.... just kidding... I love everyone!! see that didn't feel good did it.....
Brother Workman and Brother Liu are awesome. They are both man dimes and are great and single!!!
Got my new hipster diary!! turns out I like all that hipster stuff!!
Got chastized by having a elder cut my hair!!! I always did it at Snow because all my friends wanted to be barbers!!!
Anyone can honestly write me.  I love getting letters from new people !!! It honestly makes my day!!!!
Can't wait to go serve the Lord!!!
Said peace out to the Swedish elders. It was heartbreaking!!! Elder Simas says hello to Baily Chiniqy!!
Like I said the mtc is fun and all but I'm looking forward to peacing out!!!
I miss my family a lot.  I wish I could come see them but please family don't try to see me that will honestly kill me.
Here is my shout out!!!
MITCHEL JAMES PAYSTRUP is an amazing guy and I want everyone to know it!!! He has faced every trial in his life head on like at football!! The lord works in mysterious ways so everyone get off his yanz. He is an amazing guy and he is my brother and when I get back I expect to do hickish activities with you to bring joy back into our lives!!! I love you man and I was thinking about the olden days of freshman football talking to you and it was wonderful. I love you so much. Ladies have at him. I promise he is one in an eternity. Take care of my family bro. love you.

Elder Buhler

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