Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 10: Lost Luggage, White Washing, and Almost Getting Killed

Ni hao everyone !!! I'm safe up here in good 'ol Taiwan!!! I miss you all! Thank you for everything !!!

The flight was good. I got to sit in between an atheist and a Buddhist and behind a Jewish man. I placed a Book of Mormon with the Buddhist. I talked with the Buddhist for a good 8 hours. It was amazing at how similar everything is!! I think I learned more about life from that guy than anyone!! He was honestly amazing but ya it was a long flight. I watched an Asian man watch Pitch Perfect and he didn't smile even once. Jenn Fred can you believe that?! But ya it was good. Iwas pretty sick but heck that's nothing a little meds can't help. I got lost in Japan for a little but its OK. They lost my luggage but at 11 I got to see my mission president and he is really nice. By the way, I didn\ t watch any movies because I only watch movies with GRIM SHAW!!!!!!!! (who didn't answer his phone).

Sunday was cool. Some homeless guy just wandered in started yelling. Then a member bore his testimony about preparing for war.  It was interesting. I have a Elder Hoopes as my companion and mom I think his dad served with you in Hong Kong!!! But ya he is pretty cool. 

I have almost died like twice because of Asian drivers. They just pull of these amazing feats its crazy. Its hot here and Ive been to like the poorest places and when I say poor I mean like poor and ya... its sad but I have met some cool Asians here like Bro Clark. and an Asian rapper. Food here is so good!!! I got 20 pot stickers for 2 bucks and the drinks are good. We just took a train down here and we had no room but it was good. I just go my bike and they told me to ride so I did. I'm apparently white washing whatever that means....  but ya I like this a lot, its cool . My favorite drink is super supau.

The Asian of the week is the homeless guy who came to sacrament.

Person of the week is the Buddhist monk.

I am so glad to hear about everyone doing so well. I miss you all so much feel free to email. There is like a  ton of people who live in a small spaces and it is hot as heck but ya apparently one of the phrases here is what the heck but it is used super casual ... But ya my companion is tight, super chill but hard worker he is a zone leader. But now our zone leader is young from school, Ming's older bro!!! I saw elder Ryan Allen!!! (NOTE: I THINK HE MEANS RYAN NOLL) Anyways I'm super tired and we have to go decorate. I hope everyone is doing well. love you all!! i love getting stuff from you guys!

Elder Buhler

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