Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 12: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Other Adventures.

Ni hao  !!!!! All is well in the People's Republic of China!!!
So the Asian of the week has to go to this guy who is most likely not right in the head.  Regardless he has lived a long life. He likes to  play frogger. He will run into the middle of a busy street.  He gives me high fives so we are tight. 
Anyways its been pretty good here. We ran out of money like last week so we have been eating rice and ketchup which is still pretty good to be honest, but its showing on my frame. I can see outlines of where my abs should be but were covered in the girth of my youth. Exercise is at an all time minimum on the account that we are too lazy to get up but regardless we stretch and it is all good. We had zone conference this week. It was pretty cool. I met Elder Terry who knows Seattle Mcray and Will Ballard.  I finally met the famous Elder Noll. He is really cool. I like him a lot. He is really chill. We talked about Jessi for a lil and then about how psyched we are for ELDER PUCKETT!!!!  But ya there was lots of pizza so it was good.

So I met this girl... lets be more specific 5 girls.  They range from about 42 to 60 and they are my girls!!!! We are like the sisterhood of the traveling pants.  They bring people to English and we start a lesson.  They are hilarious! We argued about being in love and marrying too young and then they are like  kids get married too young and then get divorced and I was like not in good ol Utah.....  and they were like why is that well probs because our gospel is true. hahah and then they got interested.  It was really cool  but  they asked if I had a girl friend and i said ya  but  I wouldn't tell  them the name.... so I'm in a pickle,  I have to show a picture by this Wednesday or I buy everyone dongwa cha.

Elder Allen went on exchanges with us it was good catching up with him everyone remember him? Ryan Allen (Troy you broke his arm) (he has the classiest lil bro) but ya he is tight.  I love being around the guy. He is always positive we talked about our old  HC Storm team--the team that straight did not win a game ahhahahaha ah man it was hilarious. Parent- hey I know you guys are trying to have fun but your wasting our money can you win a game.ahhhahahah
Played basketball with these guys on Saturday and I'm not gonna lie.  I was putting the team on my back and I missed like 2 or 3  and M (Asian guy on my team 34) was like Elder you have to make those. OK money is on the line . So I guess there was money go figure but ya he agreed to meet with me this week and so did his friend named J who has a sick cross over and yells (every single time) LBJ when ever he shoots.its hilarious!

 Love you all. You can email me now at

Elder Buhler

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