Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 13: Raining a lot in Taiwan

1. What was the best experience you had this week?

2. Do you have other elders in your apartment?

3. Did you find any new investigators?

4. What is your ward like?

5. Are you understanding Chinese any better?

6. What do you eat everyday!?

Well this week has been pretty slow to say the least. I saw one of our investigators and I handled the situation pretty bad. I went up to him and grabbed the cigarette out of his mouth which in turn burned me but ya. It’s been pretty boring. Still working.

Nope its just me and Elder H. and it will stay like that !!! Thank you very much.


They are either really nice or don't really like us. 

Not really.

Rice and ketchup.

I’m sorry if this email is pretty short. This week has been pretty uneventful. Just tracting a lot and it rained like a mother. I got invited to go play with the fire fighters bball tourney today so we are gonna go use that to our advantage. I had some chou doful which is satans way of saying hey heres some food. It’s awful... We visited our second area. The asian of the week will go to this lil kid whose english name is Jimmy: he punched me in the junk and said I was a bad man. Nothing to interesting in English class. The girls got nothing to gossip about. The dream of the week was about C. C. and I back in the good ol days of playing capture the flag. It was pretty tight. We used the hide under the porch method to win the game. It’s good to hear from everyone. So when it rains no one wants to talk to us ahahahha which is hilarious. Oh ya I went on an exchange with Elder B. up to gao xiang which was really cool; he is nice. I taught guitar to an investigator’s son and they want to pay me, but thats not really kosher, but its all good. Anyways nothing really has happened. Found out soy milk has some qualities that would potienally diminish the size of philip. But hey maybe that’s why the majority of asians are small muscled. No pun. Ya sorry this week has been aight.

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