Monday, May 6, 2013

WEEK 14: Moving Apartments and Getting Dominoes Pizza

NOTE: As I was running a spell check, Caitlin was sitting next to me saying "wait how can he spell that wrong!" So funny. Joshy makes us laugh. I hope his Chinese is better than his written English. :)

Ni hao everyone!!! Greetings from little China!!! This week has been slow. We have quite a few investigators but the fact of the matter is most of them are girls who want to date us and they don't really understand that we are missionaries. But, you know, you get what you get.

Asian of the week has to go to the cross dressing stripper we met.... def... him ... 

Well we had to go to a different court.... some guy who just lifts upper body (we all know that guy) started to honestly try to fight me at basketball and I'm so proud I didn't even swear once!!!  

Elder Hoopes and I are getting evicted. It's awesome, apparently sisters are moving in. I feel like it will be a love- hate relationship.The Chinese is coming along. Its awesome to hear from my family and all my friends. I hope everything is great with everyone. We taught some lessons this week but a lot of the people here are so stuck to their ways of Taoism and math and calculators. 

English class was interesting. The whole class was just looking me up on face book (do you operate that mom?) and google and YouTube. They got a kick out of the some of the pics. 

I got some more rice and ketchup its great!!! 

1. What was the best experience of your week?

My best experience of the week I would have to say was these people we taught brought us Dominoes pizza.That definitely strengthened my testimony. I mean that I was praying for pizza. My other great experience was  I got to argue about America.

2. Do you have other elders in your apartment? 

Well we are getting evicted... so we now will..but Elder Hooopes isn't too happy cause that just means more horsing around but I look at it as a chance to .... share my political opinions.

3. Did you find any new investigators? 

Yes,  but they turned out not be in our area so we can't teach them.

4. Are you understanding Chinese any better? 

Ya i just can't speak it to save my life.

5. What do you eat everyday

rice and ketchup

So i realized lately I haven't been the best example with all my actions before and during the mish and I would just like to apologize to all my friends and fam. I need to be a better person and a man and a better American and I intend to do that. I love you all and I hope that you all have an amazing mother's day. i look forward to talking to my family. God bless you and God bless America.


Elder Buhler

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