Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 17: A Hard Week in Taiwn

1. Did you get the care package I sent? Did you love it? I haven't got it yet but i am really looking forward to it!!!
2. Did you have your baptism? How did it turn out? Tell us everything about it. well they kinda fell through!!! but its OK!! He had testing
3. Can you send us some pictures? Your blog needs it.!!!! OK
4. What is tracting like in Taiwan? Really discouraging!!! aha ha we will go out all day and no one will want to talk to us.
5. How is your language coming along? How much do you understand? How much can you speak? i understand a lot but i just barely started learning normal speak which is so much better so its coming.
6. Has your favorite scripture changed? Ether 12:6 

Ni hao everyone!!!! Well Taiwan is hot as heck as usual !!! well we have been just plugging along! I switched it up from rice and bought some egg noodles and ya know its actually pretty good to be completely honest. Nothing really has changed much. We are still  tracting and going door to door every day. Really no one likes us ah aha say that brightens our day.we just do the same thing every morning and as for service we helped sign up a kid for EFY. i think I'm gonna buy a dinosaur egg mango which can cost up to 10 dollars but its totally worth it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jacob! Holy crap!!! dude you are 17 ESPN wants you and RSL loves you Congrats on Grim going into the MTC.  It seems likes yesterday we were both at EFY camp. That is insane.
Shout out to my girl Ash for serving the Lord!
Jared good luck at Ranger tryouts. I know you will kill it. and Caity, wow you are totally killing it I hear Cassie is going to VB. Congrats on getting 4.0s!!!  Well everyone here is too busy "studying" for school. They may get the highest grades but there is no Taiwanese dream at all. You study all your life and end up at a McDonald's It is ridiculous. So everyone is busy but it is all good. anyways.

Also everyone please keep the Towse and Grassely families in your prayers please. 

love ya'll.

Elder Buhler

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