Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week 18: Earthquakes, Cockroaches and Other Fun Stuf

1.) What was the most exciting thing that happened this month?
Yesterday we had an earth quake so that was pretty scary. 
2) When does your companion go home?
In a move call I believe
3) What do you eat or drink there when it gets really hot?
Dong hua cha its like a graham cracker except liquid.
4) How is English class coming? 
Well its alright. We have been losing people because I guess our English class kind of sucks? i mean its not like we are professional at all, but its free.
5) Do you have air conditioner in your apartment?
Ya, its called lengqi  and there is never enough of it.
6) What are you doing for Pday today?
We are going hiking hence why the email today will be short.
7) Did you get your care package yet? not yet
8) What new things did you learn with the language this week?
oh ya, everyday things.  Mainly just everyday terms so people will talk to us.

Ni hao everyone!!! Yesterday there was an earth quake and we are on the highest floor.... so that was pretty interesting. I was cooking on a gas stove but I couldn't turn it off because well I was cooking chicken,  and I  didn't want to spoil it.... I mean come on.. but that was pretty funny ahahha.

As for baptisms,  Lin and Alex want to be baptized in July after testing. It's sad cause I will most likely be leaving this area by then. The Chinese is coming along.  This week we went bush whacking to find the aboriginals in Taiwan. Taiwan once you get away form all the pollution and computers is beautiful.

The spiders here are like Spartans. They would kick the crap out of any of our spiders.Its quite scary. Anyways I miss you guys a lot, not gonna lie. How is everything at home!! Congrats bear on making Rangers!!! I'm so proud of you Remember dude Miles wasn't good at the beginning.!!! And Jacob its all good, pro soccer is stupid besides college is more important!!! Cassie I hear you are tearing it up and Caity I miss you!! most!!! Thank you for all the info on Cody's funeral . i think its really cool all those people went and supported Cody he is def a hero. if i join up i would want to be like Cody. Love that kid, God Speed. Anyways, everyone send mail to grim  he might be dying in the MTC!!! I love everyone!! Congrats for Springville taking 3rd at the Ute shoot. I def miss those days but i know that i still have football waiting after my mish. I  just got to focus!!! Good luck to Jessi this week at the combines!!! 

And ya we have a roach problem. It got kinda of out of hand if you will... I will show pics anyways Love you all. Hey mom can you get me Taylor Redford's and Parker Young's email. I wanna talk to them. Love you all. 

In a separate email he wrote:

"Hey, I'm loving it out here. Don't worry!!! Trust me!!"

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