Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 20: Yes, Piano Lessons Paid Off...Sort Of.

1) Did you eat anything strange and/or yummy this week? I basically cook for my self!!!
2) How are your investigators? They are progressing.
3) Have you met anyone from Vietnam yet? no one.
4) Does your ward have any fun activities that you have gone to? Well, they play basketball a lot.
5) What percentage of what they say in church do you understand? A lot. 
6) What are you doing for PDay today? ball

Ni hao everyone.  Sorry if this email is short.  We are going to an island. I've been running a lot to help with my sleeping. Mom, its like 5k ahahah but ya you would be proud.  Happy father's day!!! Nothing super exciting. It's cool hearing from everyone!!  Pray that Alex , Lin and mother accept the gospel cause I don't want to drop em. 

This is what I did this week: proselyting, cooking food which now I am super good at, tracting.  Oh, and  studying.  I bought a piano book to play songs. We can play whatever. There is no where here with sheet music so I can't get any of my Harry Potter,  Lord of the Rings, or  the River Flows in You 

But ya, its ok. I'm doing fine, working hard.  We have zone exchanges this week. Sleeping is really hard on me. I get an average of 4 hours a night but running helps.  I honestly feel closer to God  when I'm running. just cause its me and Him and no one else. 

Its been an uneventful week. The ward is awesome, honestly great. I  played at a baptism and everyone cried but ya, love you all.  There is honestly not a lot going on in Taiwan.  By the way there is this kid named Fred who is going to EFY in America and he is gonna call you mom to tell you i said "hi" in his broken, broken English.

Love you guys lots. nothing exciting has happened!!!

Elder Buhler

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