Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week 19: Josh Gains a Testimony of Ropes and Meets the Taiwanese Hair Version of Mitt Romney

1. What was the items in your care package that you liked the most? I loved the fruit roll up stuff and American food but the book was pretty awesome.  It actually changed my out look on a lot of stuff about being Mormon. 
2. What did you like the least? there not being enough.....
3. Tell us what your area looks like? Is it a city, a town? Does it look like Salt Lake, Mapleton? Florida? Well, there is one area when you are biking down that is like coming out of Hobble Creek canyon. It's cool.
4. How are your mission clothes holding out? How do you do laundry there? ya i have worn the same pants for 2 months.
5. Do the members feed you? About as much as i would like....
6. Have you given a prayer or talk in church yet in Chinese?  I pray all the time, that's easy, but no, I haven't given a talk yet.
7. Send a missionary picture. I will send one. 
8. How much of your day do you spend speaking Chinese? 3/4th.
9. What are the grocery stores like? Are they inside markets or outside markets? Completely different from the us. I could walk in and by whiskey and pack of smokes and be age 13. 
10. Do you have a microwave, refrigerator? yes
11. What was the most spiritual/best experience of the week? We sang "I'm a child of God."
12. Who was the most interesting person you met this last week. Chinese Mitt Romney

Ni hao everyone!!! 

Well, Taiwan is still in the shape that Chinese left it!!! The kids populate the Internet cafes and smoke and do nothing with their lives while smart kids study away and get the best scores in the world only to go work at a 7-11. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Taiwanese dream is still alive and running. This week has been interesting. We went to  a water fall. Pics will come. I fell like ten feet onto rocks because I was being dumb and now I have a testimony of ropes.  Ropes are good and should be held onto all the time. It was beautiful it looked like the forbidden pool off of Lord of the Rings. I did exchanges with Elder Limpanopol and that was actually super fun. He is awesome. Then I went to ztm and saw everyone from Elder Noll to a bunch of people you guys don't know, but it was fun none the less. President gave me these sleeping pills because i have the worst time sleeping at night. He said take half of one but i heard 2 so the next day I didn't wake up for a long time 17 hours. So yes, I have learned a lot of lessons. We are taking another approach. Elder Hoopes takes me to the track at like 9:15pm and has me run 3 miles.  Hence why mom I bought some running shoes. It's been kinda working.

We have an elder in our apartment who is almost as nerdy as I am.  Its kinda funny all the nerd stuff we discuss.  Yesterday we had this lesson with a Chinese man with the hair of Mitt Romney... and it gets better, his wife plays sax. After that she was hitting on me saying I should have a a lot of girl friends then she groped my comp.... so we sang "I'm a Child of God and left!! it was a wonderful day. Oh by the way, my English class loves the pictures of me mom, especially with Alexis.  They thought she was my girlfriend and ya know I just could resist a good laugh. I said she was my wife and they bought it. But ya, send me pics more from senior year through college if you could. 

That's pretty tight Jacob has a job.... of manual labor. I remember that one... not too fun.... and Jared quit getting hurt. Cassie I hear you are being awesome as usual and Caity,quit being sick. Dad, you asked how my bike is. Well it has a tendency to attract cars going really fast. I have been hit twice since Monday. Anyways love you all. Send pics and tell people I love to get mail. Tell everyone I love them. 


Elder Buhler

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