Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 21: Elder Buhler has been transferred!

NOTE: Yes, mom logged onto the cruise's internet because I had to read my boy's email!

Ni hao everyone!!! this week! This week been super  crazy! I  have been transferred to the north part of my mission!! My new camp's name is Elder Mckenzie!! He is super cool!! It was pretty sad leaving Chao Zhou. I really grew to love him  and Elder Hoopes was like a best friend and Elder Christensen was amazing too!!! it was super fun being with them!! It's been pretty crazy today cause of transfers!!  I said good bye to our pet gecko, James Franco!! I saw a girl that looked exactly like Tanaya Anderson but not as pretty but still freaked me out!!! I can't really think right now but ya my fam's on a cruise!! I went on exchanges down to the beach resort where we met real hippies who hated America. There was this burger shop and it had a peanut butter burger and it was so amazing and they had Mtn Dew. It tasted almost as good as salvation!! Well I can't really think but ya have a good week! Sorry this email is so short but its a busy day.

Elder Buhler

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