Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 22: It's HOT! It's HILLY!! He's HAPPY!!!

1. How is your new area? How far away was it from your old area? What is it like? 

My new area is on the other side oft the mission and its a big hill. I'm not even joking. My area is a hill and its hot as heck here.

2. How many missionaries do you have in your new apartment? What is your companion like? 

It's just me and Elder Mc Kenzie!!!  He's super chill.  I like him a lot. He is a lot different than Elder Hoopes. They are both chill but he says " I love you" and hugs me and stuff. He's a great companion.

3. What is your new ward like? Do you have investigators there? 

I met them once.  It seems like a good ward though.

4. What was your best experience this week? 

I convinced this guy that God used science for creation. It was a bash of science.  Also, our ward missionary knew Elder Hunter Nelson from Springville and called him.  I got to talk to him and it was pretty awesome talking to Hunter!!!

5. Have you finished phase 1 of your language study yet? 

I finished a while ago.

Well salute!!! Everyone this week has been heck in a good way!!! First off, my area is a big mountain hill and it sucks to ride up it everyday but its super good exercise!! It's hot as heck here and I'm getting darker and darker!!! Everyone thinks I'm like Brazilian or some weird thing but ya its chill!!! I have honestly never worked this hard in my life!!! In the south of the mission its so chill and easy going. I haven't got this much chastised since the MTC but it's good. 

My favorite thing to do is when we are at an intersection and my comp starts calling people and I do circles in the intersection to talk to people about the gospel. Oh and I offer free French classes now  so people come to English class to learn French and English. Its pretty hilarious hahaha but ya its good. 

So, a funny story.  I  saw a grandma on a Harley with a shirt that said "ask me if  I'm naughty", so I did, and she winked at me.  It was weird!  We have a  ton of investigators and I can't pronounce any of their names at all. 

I  had a cool exchange with Elder Woosely who knew team captain Nick Nick Wolford and Isaiah Jefferson from Snow College, my  former team mates. That was cool . We got to say goodbye to President Bishop. It was chill.  

Everyone in Taiwan has this habit of saying swear words and I think its hilarious but not everyone shares my sense of  humor.

We have this one RC who isn't really right int he head but last night he came up to me with a spatula and said "freeze G-- D---it" so I did! I couldn't really argue with a man of that accord.

I'm glad your cruise was fun and glad dad got some bonding time!!!! Atta boy Jared that you won all those cruise sports tourneys. I love it !!!  About Jacob sleeping through the cruise, he deserves it. By the way, what's this riffraf about  Max Schriener playing football?  He will probably destroy everyone. He has my blessing . Cassie, I loved your part of the email. It took me by surprise. I thought Caitlin had got on. Don't worry Caity pie being searched at the airport means your outrageously good looking but I do love the airports' security procedure now. Don't search the teenage with the Asian afro, just search the little princess ballerina for traces of explosives. It's kinda like when I got searched at the airport  for being a mish.

I think right now I miss football and coaching football mainly like Jessi, Jake,  Max and Tyler and those guys. I know they are gonna do something special.

Anyways,  I love you all.
I love you
The supreme Diety up stairs loves you
Satan says he loves you but he doesn't

Elder Buhler

"thats no moon" obi wan kenobi

fight on

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