Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 26: Torn Apart by Some Nice Atheists

1. What is the most exciting thing that happened to you this week? Well, yesterday I got torn apart by some atheists.

2. What lessons have you learned on your mission? Don't talk to Europeans and breaks are essential in everything

3. Are you sleeping any better? Yes, only because Elder McKenzie is working me to death.

4. Do you have an air condition in your apartment? Also how do you do laundry? Does it air dry? 

sort of 

5. What was zone conference like? Have you made some mission best friends? Yes, Elder Mckenzie, Noll, Shelton, Flint and Christensen.

Ni hao everyone!  I have six minutes left of internet time so I will write a super quick email. I love you all.  This week has been super hard.  We have been working super hard, as usual. I got torn apart by atheists yesterday but they were nice so it was OK. I miss you all so much, you can't even fathom.

Jacob congrats on almost making BYU. Here's a pic to make up for my lack of email. Oh yeah, my mission pres tore me a part last week. It was good for me though to be honest. I'm glad he did. But ya, love you all. Cassie, stay safe at UCLA. Jacob make BYU soccer.  Jared, ball out. Caitlin, stay healthy that goes for you too, dad. 

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