Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 23: He's not starving, he likes down hill better than uphill and its been one long week!

1. What yummy food did you eat this past week? Well, I was eating some Thai curry which was super good or this chicken sea weed wrap that was also pretty tasty!!!!

2. What was the most exciting thing you did this past week? Ride down a really big hill at 35 mph.

3. How do you stay cool? I sweat.

5. Can you send pictures? Currently my camera is in a bag of rice.

Ni hao everyone !!!! So we have a saying from one of my comps who is from Argentina!! He says "we will beat the world today!!!" Well, this past week the world got up and sat on us repeatedly. It was a long week to say the least but I have faith that that only means are coming closer to finding the holy grail. I have met some really cool people. We had to drop this investigator who we bashed with after all he talked about was money and how that could only make us happy. I explained to him about Brandon and Cody and how money was not everything. He got super offended and got in my face and said to me that I was wrong.

But ya .... so the hill from heck is well, from heck.It kills me every time I go up it on my bike but going down it is so much flipping fun. 

I got destroyed when arguing about evolution by a guy who majored in bio science. I figured since i was not super good at arguing with religion I would use something I was kinda good at. Well, I got destroyed, but he said he would come to church. Note to self: don't ever do that again. We met this one guy who loves video games and his daughter!!! He also is a professional air soft gun player. He spars with the Taiwanese navy seal type guys. It's pretty funny.

It is cool to here from all of y'all. Chinese is coming along. My comp is really cool. He looks like Obama.  My other comp doesn't speak English so I have to learn Spanish since we both suck at Chinese.  The ward here is pretty chill.

I met Elder Christensen from Timpview who will play MLB so he was pretty cool. People should def write me. 

I met this guy from North Carolina  who I assumed like the Tar Heels so I'm like "hey you like the tar heels." He was like "no, I like the New York Jets." 
Anyways, I'm glad you guys had a great time on the cruise.
I hope my boys on the devils are ready to tear it up this season. I enjoy hearing about it !!
Love you guys. Miss you all especially football.
Elder Buhler
warp speed.

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