Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 24: Survived a Typhoon and Changed His Name!

1. What's the coolest thing that has happened to you this past week? I survived a typhoon. That was pretty cool.

2.  Tell us about your investigators. How many do you have? Are any of them close to being committed to being baptized? Well, we have a family and a 4 other guys whose names I can't pronounce. None of them are ready yet.

3. Describe what your missionary apartment looks like? A lot of water everywhere with cockroaches and stuff.

5. Are the members in this ward feeding you? Yes, not as much which is good for me!!!

6. What did you like best in your care package? Obviously the chips and fruit roll ups!!!!

7. What are you doing for Pday? Well some member took us out to eat which was nice and then just emailing.

Zemmeyang!!! What's up everyone>!!! All is well in tai flipping cheng!!!! Mom, I got your package.  Thank you so much. I loved it I loved the shirt.and pins!! 
Also I changed my name from Elder Pu which means simple to Elder Xiong which means Bear or Panda Bear in honor of Jared but also cause Pu isn't a real name in Taiwan. 

What does everyone look like!! I've been gone for almost 7 months!!!  Liking the missionary more. Its darn hard as heck but I know its all for helping my family and making them proud which makes it all worth it. I love and miss everyone especially you dad.

So we got hit by some kinda typhoon and its like all hell broke loose like honestly the sky threw up on us. They told us to still go out so we did but  it was kinda dangerous. So our house flooded which was definitely interesting. 
The church announced this week that some missions would be using some face book stuff and I told my mission president that I would like to not use face book because I feel I would abuse the privilege.

We are working super hard lately. We got some pretty good people to teach but no one here cares because all anyone cares about is money. It's super sad but we can't do anything about it!!! 

My Chinese is coming along!!! I'm working harder on it then ever. 

We got to go to Costco which was awesome and then bowling!!! It was heaven sent!!

What's this I hear about my brother getting mail from those big D1 schools!!! That's awesome!!! I hope he tears it up!!!

Not much going on. We just work hard every day ya know, nothing really different!! Glad to hear Cassie got into the science, engineering and math high school!!! I miss you all!! I got to talk to Elder Nelson (Hunter Nelson) it was awesome and Elder Christian Bennett!!! I got the Bryson's letters!!!

Anyways, write me y'all!!

Elder Panda Bear Buhler

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