Monday, August 5, 2013

WEEK 27: Putting Elder Buhler in Charge of the Popcorn was not a Good Idea

Josh apparently missed the "Eagle Scout" lesson on "How to NOT set a fire."

1. What new incredible experiences did you have this week? I have a Taiwanese companion.

2. What is your schedule like daily? Give us details.

6:30, I wake up to hit the alarm and go back to sleep. 7am, I shower. 8-11 are "studies". 12 to 9 is when we go out with a whole mess of love and compassion.

3. What life lessons did you learn this week? 
I am never going to complain again. More news to be told.
Hey y'all, whats up? 

I got a new comp. He is Taiwanese. I miss Elder McKenzie. He honestly was like my best friend on the mish. I met Elder Corey Edwards from Hurricane. He is going to kick at BYU.  We had a fun time talking about football.

I met this cute 2 year old girl with a hole in her throat.  Man it broke my heart. Y'all have no idea yet still she had a smile on her face.I'm the English leader whatever that means.  

Anyways ya I got to be in a 4 man this last move call, but it was awesome. I'm trying to be a good mish and be obedient cause all my comps are so attractive.  Just kidding but ya.

Anyways, they put me in charge of the pop corn making for the ward party... and well, I'll send you a picture of what happened!

I met the mission pres and he is awesome. Honestly, he's  my freaking hero. I would take a bullet for that man. He is so tight always giving me awesome advice and realizing I'm the most spiritual, but ya I love him a lot. He gave me valuable girl advice for the experience I had in the MTC.

Congrats Jacob on getting the presidential 4 year scholarship and ya  Jacob freaking go play soccer bro. I promise you its a thing you will not regret. Well, I miss you all.


Elder Buhler 

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