Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 30: Josh's 42 posts hit 6000 views!!!!!!!

1. What do you cook for yourself to eat? I usually eat chicken and rice!!!
2. What was the most interesting experience you had this week?? We are trying to get two guys baptized.
3. How are your investigators doing? Super good !!! We are working on it!!
4. How's your Chinese now that you have a Chinese companion? Getting tons better. My companion is cool.

Hey everyone! Well,  this week has been hard. My translator is broken and they don't believe in warranties so it will be quite a while before I am able to afford to buy another one!! We are just working super hard out here!!! Our two investigators are L.D and K. Both have things they are trying to work through but boith want to get baptized so that's what we are trying to do!!! Working super hard to get that!!! I loved the  care package and President Eyring's book called "Faith of a Scientist." It was honestly super awesome. It helped me look at things from that perspective a lot so any other books about science and faith are welcome!!! I hear everything is going well with Jacob and his flash mob!!! Congrats to Springville football team and for Cassie for starting a new school. I sent a package and wow did it cost a arm and a leg !! I am poorer than anything right now!!! Nothing else is new. My chinese is getting tons better . The chinese really know nothing about construction and that's the service I have been doing so I really miss freaking Alex Tarin. love you all so much . I am just working hard ya know.
Elder Buhler

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