Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 29: Next Week Will Be Better

This was a frustrating week for Josh. I decided to not post everything he wrote about on the worldwide web.  If you want the real email, just email me. I love Josh's emails because they are definitely him speaking and his experiences. 

1) What great exciting thing did you do this week? Honestly, nothing too exciting.

2) What was the last American food you ate? A hamburger in the airport.

3) Tell us about your investigators. Well. they are all super golden but the bishop is being hesitant about approving them for baptism.

4) How hot is it there? Have you ever been this hot? I have never sweated this much at all even during my yoga sessions.
Ni hao. Sorry if this email is super short but not a lot has happened in three days (his Pday last week was on Wed since he went to the temple.). We had a guy accept baptism but the details are still undecided.We have had some frustrating things happen this week. I hope this next week will be better. On the bright side, I saw some bro poop in the middle of the road. My comp was like "let's go" and I was like "hold up, I wanna see if he is for real" and ya know, he did it.... super funny.

Love ya'll.

Elder Buhler 

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