Thursday, August 15, 2013

WEEK 28: Elder Buhler Becomes "Bob the Buillder"!

This week's email came in several emails that I blended together. Not all of it I (mom) thinks I should post on the "world wide web" so if you would like to get a copy of the real email, send me an email.

1.) What do you do as district leader? I report stuff. I'm also the English leader.
2) do you like Chinese food now? I have to.
3) do you teach a lot of discussions? not as many as you would think.
Ja Bab Wei everyone!!! that's  how you jive in Asia!!! Anyways sorry for this email being so late but we took a trip to the temple that is in the other mission.  Basically that was a party. We wake up at 4am and go to the mission home and then take a 3 hour buss to Taipei.  Interesting stuff man.... for sure. I sat the entire time with Elder Noll and  we just chilled. We just talked about high school, friends how Jessi and Jacob are growing up .

So the story about the fire. .... so yes apparently its a bigger deal than I bargained for . Everyone is freaking out but don't worry, my mother has taught me enough about the art of speech craft to switch any argument against them. So i think I'm pretty safe.

I had a conversation with my bishop this week where I told him "the church is a hospital for the sick not a pedestal for the proud." My mission president said he liked my "fire" but he didn't mean the fire I created but actually the fire of my convictions.

Things are cool here.  I did a bunch of service Monday.  We went to this lady to help rearrange her house but I took one look and saw it was a death trap.  I remember what I learned when  I worked for Mike Cutler over the summer so in Chinese I said "give me a  hammer, nails and a ladder." I spent 5 horse fixing holes, windows, and fixing the roof, moving electrical stuff. Man,  I am glad I worked for Mike for a little cause all that stuff him and foreman Corey taught me really came into play . I just wish I had Elder Tarin there cause I always worked better with him there. 

My comp, Elder Lai, is native so English is a "no no". We are just speaking Chinese. He likes bball proselyting more than me so we go a lot. Its good.  Congrats to my sister for making Cottonwood's volleyball team!!!

I'm out of time now so love you all.

 Elder Buhler

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