Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 31: Oh the Joy of Typhoon Season!!!

 1. How are your investigators doing? Well, we had 2 baptisms set for the end of this week but it didn't work out. 
2. Do you understand everything people say to you now in Chinese? Almost everything.  I just put the pieces together.
3. Can you say everything you want to say in Chinese yet? How do you improve your vocabulary? I talk to everyone. I listen. I do flash cards. I talk to my companion.
4. Have you given a talk in church yet? I will next week.
5. What exciting thing happened this past week? Nothing really. We have had a typhoon for the last 2 weeks so everyone has been canceling.
6. Are you sleeping better? No, not at all.

Hey everyone!!!! So for starters I'm glad my family got the package!!! I hear that Alexis is getting married! So honestly, I really mean it when I say I'm happy for her. I wish I could have a shot but I am honestly so happy for her and I think that it is so awesome that she found a worthy guy and what Jen has told me he is a stud . Jen is right about 85 percent of the time every time. Well, we've had a typhoon for about 2 weeks now. It finally stopped raining today so praise be!

We had 2 baptisms scheduled: K  and L.D and well they didn't work out. they both love drinking too much socially. It's sad. I told them that that stuff tastes bad and you feel awful after. It's so sad seeing how these people could change their lives but they choose not too. 

We had a Chinese BBQ and no one was starting the fire so I tried and the whole time people were like "do you even know how to start a fire?" I was like "xiao hiazi" which is small child, please, I was starting fires before you were born!

So Elder McKenzie called me to tell me that apparently me and him are cousins..

This investigator gave me a solid gold watch.... he's actually a member... and, ah man, I have no idea why but he says it's because he loves me and says I'm the son he never had. Ah man water works .... it was so sad....

But ya, working hard. I'm probably transferring because Elder Yang will be training.I miss y'all. I'm glad everyone liked my stuff. Anyways, love you all, and congrats to the 'ville for football!
Elder Buhler

P.S. Oh by the way, like Matt Sumsion did, I coached a kid's futsal team. There is a language barrier but is all good, and i play at the futsal place.

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