Monday, September 9, 2013

WEEK 32: Elder Buhler Foils a Prostitution Deal.....

1. Where did you get transferred to? Who is your companion? What is your area like? I'm still in my area. I get moved this next week.
2. Are you happy? yep
Hello everyone, 

What's up !!! Nothing new has really happened!!! I'm pretty peeved.... we had 2 baptisms this week set up before I left and they both all of a sudden said they lied about everything and  just didn't want me to be sad. So ya none of them are getting baptized.

I got to give the sisters and some college kids some blessings so that was pretty cool. I went on exchanges with Elder Christensen, and oh man, it was a powerful experience. We were up super late just talking about everything and it was my favorite exchange so far to be exact.!!! 

Nothing new besides that we have a ton of golden investigators but I'm being transferred  so i don't know what's gonna happen. Elder Edwards is coming back on the island so I'm pretty excited and hoping we can work together. 

I was so happy to get the packages mom. I loved loved everyone's letters. I honestly started tearing up because I realized how much I loved every single one of you from the bottom of my heart. I can't even explain it. I loved everything.  The ties are great mom!!!  I loved the pull up bar and all the food.  Elder Yang  and I stayed up late eating it. 

Funny story, yesterday I stopped a prostitution deal from going down,  well, because I didn't realize it was going down. Short story,  when I finally realized what the girl and guy were meaning,  I pulled out the handy dandy "law of chastity plan."  ahahhaah Super funny to be exact. Anyways, I love you all.  My the camera you wanted me to buy cost me an arm and a leg to be exact.

I'm working super hard everyone.  I hope you know that. Go devils and go Cougs.  I am so happy for the devils because they honestly deserve to this.  I'm remember going from the top of the state to being the bottom and man it was not fun so good for them.  I hope they go all the way. Shout out to Edgar Garcia and Megan for their calls! That's so awesome! I'm looking so forward for them to have this awesome experience of a mish!!!

Next week, because of transfers I won't be emailing at the same time so ya
love you all!!

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