Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 35: Josh Has the Craziest Week of His Mission!

1.  How are you feeling? Are you doing better? Did you get some medicine? Does your mission president know? I'm actually still pretty sick.MP knows and i get out as much as I can.They made me get some medicine but I showed it to president and he was like ya don't take it." 
2.   Did you do anything special for your birthday? I lost 5 pounds and threw up a bunch.
3. What was the best thing that happened to you this past week? I didn't die

What's up everyone!!! So this week like last week is full of losing body fluids ... ahahh. Anyways so its been crazy. On my birthday,I went to a ZTM and had an awesome talk with President Blikenstaff. We talked about how the mish is like football. Its a special time in your life that only happens once and like that, its over in a heartbeat. It really stuck with me. I can remember putting my helmet on at my first football freshman practice and thinking I got 4 years of this.... and then I can remember my last time taking my helmet off and thinking wow its over!  It happens fast and ya I am trying to make the most of my mish. I mean I don't particularly love it more than I love football or my family but its definitely a love. 

So I was with Elder Brown and I finally got out of the door and we were eating (trying). Then this white guy comes in so I try to talk to him and he walks away. Anyways, I accidentally walked into his store/house and he tells me to get the "f out dumb n word".... so ya... so I do.  Then I see him walking to the door and I tell elder brown to step back and he says "f you" and pulls me and my comp into an alley and starts just chewing me out. He said all this anti Mormon stuff that doesn't even make sense ( I swear some people hate Mormons for all the wrong reasons) then he said he was gonna come to our church with 30 taikes ( bikers ) and tear it apart and then he said he would come after my family. So at this point I was ready to kick the heck out of him but ya I didn't.  We walked away and Elder Brown is like what should we do?  Should we pray? I say ya but I need to get a baseball bat first... so I did.  I called President and told him. He was laughing and he told me he wanted me to turn the other cheek. So I told him my favorite flows when he visits me in the hospital and then right before he gave me permission to give this tool a whole can of ... aka go Ammon on them... 

So go figure this entire week.  I was was reading about Ammon, by the way I love reading the scriptures now. Anyways on Sunday this bro shows up with the taikes and I am just there with a bat just swinging it a lil then they leave.... so ya... good day ya? Anyways,  I named the bat, Jenny .... after Jen... not really. Ahahah but ya... so ya I've been sick. My birthday dinner was a bagel and bottle of water which I loved by the way!!!

I am super sorry to hear about Bro Pickney!!! I loved him!!! He took me to my first BYU game.He died a fan till the end That was super cool hearing about his life. I will give him a high five some day. Anyways love you all.

Elder Buhler

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