Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 34: Loved Getting the Birthday Emails, Really Sick But Enjoying Reading the Book of Mormon

Thanks to everyone for sending Josh birthday emails. He wrote back that he was surprised and it made him super happy. He thought it was cool that people he didn't even know wrote him!  Also, he has been sick but when I asked him how sick he said " oh ya, I'm good don't worry. They just want to run some tests on me. It's all good, don't worry." (So why am I still worried?"

1. What are you doing for your birthday?  Can you take your district out to eat?  There is nothing out here to be honest. I will most likely sleep and go to the hospital to have tests done. I have been sick for like a week  I haven't eaten solids in 4 days. 

2. So now that you have been in your new area a week how is it? The good, the bad, the uplifting? I've been sick.

3.. What was your best experience this week? Today getting out of the apartment.

Nihao everyone!!! 

Today's email will be short on the account that I have been sick the entire week and have not been out of the house. On the spiritual side,  I will admit that I have started to actually enjoy reading the Book of Mormon. I really enjoy it actually. But ya strait up been sleeping and throwing up.

God gave me challenges when he put Mc Donald's golden arches right outside my window. My comp is awesome. Super chill  and my Chinese is getting way better learning so much from. him. 

Literally i just am thinking how crazy it is that I'm on a mish. My entire life I never thought I would ever get on a mission. I always thought i was gonna play soccer or football or join the military or do something but the MISSION had NEVER been a thought in my head. Its crazy how a series of events can change everything and kinda push you towards a mish. For anyone thinking about it, you should try it.  It's the hardest thing ever but I feel down the road it will help a ton. Yes, I miss football everyday but I have football when I get back. The mish has really changed a lot of things . Its cool to hear Jacob is finally coming out of his bear cave and enjoying his senior year and also cool seeing his picture on the  SHS ceiling.... anyways I love you  all....

bear cat (Elder Buhler)

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