Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 33: Josh Gets Lost Being Transferred and Is Not Ready to Get Married

1. Who is your new companion and your tell us about your area? Are there a lot of people to teach? I was transferred. My area its the poorest area in Taiwan.  Elder X is my new companion. He doesn't speak English. We are white washing.... again.... so apparently president trusts me  and no, there are a lot of investigators here.
2.  Is it still hot and humid there? You have no idea.... 
3. What do you want for your birthday that you can buy there and I will put the money in your account. I would say basketball ball shoes.... but I'm in the middle of no where idk.... is there money in my account to survive ....transferring was rough. I spent a lot of money traveling and getting resettled.
4. How's your mission president? Cool. He pulled me in to say that he trusts me and that's why I'm white washing again. I told him "ah man I hate it."  But then he said, "I know but after a while you will love me for moving you here."
Ni hao wode jaiting he wode dixiongmen he jeimie men!

Whats up !!! So I spent basically the last week with Elder C. and his trainee and man was it a party.  To be honest, it was so much fun. I had a blast.  Me and Elder Christianson (he is from Provo)  had the time of our lives to be honest. We totally bonded and everything.

 Anyways my new area is Ming Jun. It's the the biggest and poorest area in Taiwan as well as the most farmiest area so I'm just lucky ... My comp is Elder X. He doesn't speak English.  Our room mates are really strict and religious so if anything y'all pray for me. To put it in perspective,  I said "y'all ready?" and was told me not to use slang. Anyways I love the mish. I saw Elder S today and Elder E is back. It turns out he didn't have to get surgery!!

So i missed my train transferring to this area so I was alone and didn't have a phone so I just took a random train and ended up in my area....

Jacob you need to heal up man. I will pray for you!!! Cassie that's so awesome that you have all those friends and you are tearing it up in volley ball!! Jared, dude you know I'm always proud of you and Caity you are in my prayers for sure..... I hope dancing is ok... i think i spent half the night telling stories about me and Jacob or Jared or dad or something dumb with Elder C. I laughed my head off about Jacob's talk.

I get to think a lot and man the Lord has truly blessed me with a family and friends and coaches that have shaped me in ways I can't even imagine. I sent a package home it cost me 30 bucks but ya I am so lucky. We all have trials and ya some suck. I know this for a fact but that d and c scripture about your adversity is super helpful for sure. I truly love all y'all  i can't wait to come home and have Jacob speak at mine.

 So ya the mission I swear is obsessed with marriage its super weird...I haven't even thought of it... my train of thought is..... Jesus, Moutain Dew, family, football, video games, football Sister Frixione's and Sister Sisk's cheese dip, Troy's basement. Ya, its super weird.   
Getting married is the last thing on my mind I can barely take care of my self.... anyways love you all. Elder Buhler

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