Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 15: We have an investigator wanting to get baptized (a huge thing in Taiwan)!

Ni hao everyone !!! This week has been interesting!!! I had to go up to Taichung to go do Dan Jones. I saw Sister Peay... kinda cool seeing a familiar face ya know? Well one investigator is trying to get baptized so we are helping him work towards that!! Yep we got evicted this last week.  It was kinda of a pain but ya know I guess it had to happen ya know?  I'm eating brown rice for  breakfast and lunch. Its  straight brown rice to I can get in better shape and ya but dinner we always eat out. Its cheaper here.  Other than that this week is really not that eventful.  I am looking forward to talking to you guys tomorrow!!! (Josh is calling his Tuesday, our Monday night because they were helping with mission transfers and moves yesterday)

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