Monday, May 20, 2013

WEEK 16: Tribute to Cody

1.What new things happened this week to you? Well I ate monkey and caterpillar !!! 
2. How do you find investigators? We mostly go tracting and street contacting. We sometimes use basketball or baseball as a way to talk to people but ya that's how we meet people.
3. What do you buy to eat for dinner on the streets? Pot stickers, hot cold ice, man tou.
4. How many miles do you bike a day? Do you have to bike uphill and down hill too? I would say 12 miles
5. What is your schedule like everyday? What time do you wake up? Leave your apartment? What do you do all day? When do you come back in? What time do you go to sleep? well  I wake up at 630, "exercise" till 7 (stare at wall) . We study for a couple hours leave at 10:30, go contact for like 7 hours come back at  9:30,  fall asleep at 1030.
6. Describe your apartment? Do you have air condition? Sleep in a bunk bed? Is it a big? Are there bugs there? We remodeled our room so it's like a loft but ya we do and ya there are loads of cock roaches.... it gets pretty bad sometimes... Elder Hoopes is  afraid of them. We set one on fire and then almost set the apartment on fire. It was running around on fire.... there's a lot of flammable stuff in the apartment.
7) Do you dream in Chinese yet? kind of.

Ni hao everyone!!! Well it was awesome talking to my whole fam bam!!! I got to go on splits with Elder Young linksprol from Springville !!! It was good but then the whole week kinda just went to downhill.  Have you ever had a day where you wake up and find out your investigator who gets baptized soon is gay, typhoon season decides to start 2 months earlier, the cockroaches hold a invasion on my bag of brown rice? That's kinda how my last week was. The splits with Elder Young was real fun. We also watched a baseball game,Yankees vs Mariners. It was awesome.  For 30 mins, we felt like normal guys. Alright enough about me.

So I just got the news today about Cody. I wasn't the closest person to Cody but I loved him nonetheless.  He was an amazing man and an amazing American. He didn't want to sit back and watch as the world go to hell He wanted to do his part to stop it. I have memories of Cody always trying to get me to be a man and not a woman. I remember before he shipped off to basic we sat behind Troy's house eating marshmallows. I remember long boarding down at his house after color festivals and talking video games with him. Cody was an amazing man.  He fought and died for his country. In short, Cody was a bad ass. My prayers are with the Grasseleys and Towses. There is a scripture in the Bible which talks about how greater love hath no man than he who would lay down his life for his friend. I like to think that in heaven there is a place where brave warriors go . Ya Cody is up there. Love you all.

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