Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MTC Week 4: Never a Boring Moment at the MTC

Josh's posts continue to make me laugh, cry and shake my head. I didn't take or add anything but I did fix a "couple typos."

Hello my fellow Americans!!! This week has been pretty cray cray if you will ( sup Cam Carson)

Sister of the week goes to Sister Anderson who is going to the Paris France mission. She has red hair, blue eyes and a  wonderful personality. She says she is going to marry Chris Badger when she gets home so let's keep our fingers crossed that it happens.

I had an amazing talk with Miles. i honestly felt like I wasn't doing good in anything but then Miles sat me down in the middle of the hallway and showed me an amazing scripture. 
I realized today that my mom is what the American dream is . She came from nothing (Vietnam) and went to America not knowing jack and now is an INTERNATIONAL lawyer with her own firm and nice mini van I might add. I sometimes think I can run to mom's work.  But ya mom proved everyone wrong by becoming that even though she is Asian and a woman. That is so cool!!!! Love you mom.

Chinese is coming along nicely.  I have learned a lot. Elder Kou takes me around to random classrooms full of mainly Europeans and has me teach the lesson while he translates it is really cool. I love it.

So Jacob that song "People are Crazy", well that is me and Elder Shelton. We honestly just go on splits and talk about all the crazy things we have done, all the girls we've liked and especially our dreams. It is honestly one of my favorite things ever.

Congrats to Dawson Pederson on the call!!! Australia that is sick!!! Dude it turns out your super popular here!! Everyone here knows you. It is ridiculous. I use your name to help me talk to sisters hahaha j/k but I'm serious everyone loves you, me especially!!!

Ran into my boy Elder Hanneman !!  I was so excited. That kid is such a stud and will be a superstar at BYU when he gets back. We had a nice chat about college football and stuff and how he needs to have a girl write him. LADIES WRITE HIM.  Honestly love the kid to death.

Ran into Jalon It was awesome. He is honestly speaking a lot better than I did so I am so proud of him He is a zone leader. I almost teared up when I saw him but then we called each other homo's to counteract the weird feelings.

Thank you Ryan Grassley for the letter it helped med a lot to be honest. It was some of the best advice I had got the entire mission. 1 month. .... but ya in blues we trust peace and blue skies.  RAW HIDE.

Lately i have been chastised up the wazoo for stupid stuff but there is a scripture that I got to love being chastised so I welcome it with warm smile and a sarcastic comment.

 President Baker told me I'm like Saul . I have proof that I am actually like Moses. I made a chart and will be showing him tonight.

I am loving Elder Kou with a passion of a thousand tiger lilies ( no racism intended)

Send world news to me please I want to know what is going on.

So this one time I was crying like a baby and I heard a song going through my head and it was that song  THE CRITCH sang at our graduation, the Jewish one... it was pretty cool.  I usually just think of that and it calms me down to the point where I can not be crying like a baby.

I need Jacob to send me a mp3 player with music. not now but before  I leave. I will let you know what songs.

I love the Swedish elders so much.  They are so great, honestly like a second family.
So Sister Faux and I made eye contact at dinner.  It was super romantic and stuff. It was like a date except we are 20 feet away and surrounded by people but ya it was so righteous.

Shout to Jared. I have no idea how you did at your tourney but know that I love the poop out of you and i miss you a lots and you better be training real hard and listening to Jacob.

Jacob I enjoy your letters  so much and I hope you are being good to the family? Go kick some arse at the Dartmouth ID camp and ODP one because I have been bragging up a shiz storm about you lately.

I wanna give a shout out to Cassie for giving me the only valentine I received and it was the best one I have ever received.  I love you lil sis!!  How are you doing !! 

Caity!!!! I miss your letters. How is school and dance?

Dad, love you  when we get back we can do old people stuff together. Love you.

Thank you for the packages from the Nolls, Paystrups. You guys are so awesome. Thank you so much it means a lot and thank you to Sister Miles for the cookies.... cause Bro Miles wouldn't make me cookies... but Brother Noll, I loved the letter. Thank you and thank you Jesse for writing me !!! Sister Paystrup is awesome !!! Thank you so much.

I met some of Kendall Palmer's comps.... they told me if i want a wife as beautiful as his I have to step it up....so ya I'm gonna step it up now.

I love all the letters so much. Keep writing me everyone. It honestly gets me through the days!!!! Elder Kou says send a pic!!!!

I am still vegetarian ( they got me Dakota) but ya its weird and alright I guess!!!

My teacher Lui Laoshi gave only me a diary and told me to be a gospel scholar so that's what I'm gonna do ......

 Hey mom can you print a copy of those pics and send them to me? xie xie

Also if anyone has some cool snazzy hipster wool or skinny ties, that would be awesome to send .

Thank you so much everyone. i want to let you all know that even if Joesph Smith wasn't  a prophet he is a such an amazing bad of a guy. He is not only a prophet but also  a real man!!! Love you all.

zai jian,
Bu Jang Lao
Elder Buhler

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