Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 39: Elder Buhler Never Wants to Ride Another Bike After His Mission

1. What exciting thing did you do this week?

 Well I biked 60 km so that was not that fun ahahahhaha.

2. Tell us about your investigators. What are their names? How old are they? What are they like?

L.D. He is a father and if I baptize him I get to do it in the river. So cool.

3. What is the weather there like now? Is it cold yet? 

It's chilly.  I am trying to aquire a sweater. My vest just aint cutting it.

 Ni hao everyone!!!  This week we biked 60 km and that was not very much fun!  Its getting really cold here now and I'm looking for a sweater since the vest is not cutting it anymore. Ah man so I found out me and Elder Xu are here  for another move call. Mom, I'm sorry about the withdrawing the funds but I had to go to Taichung to get my ear drained. It got infected while I was showering.  I got a blessing and ya but ya the medicine and honestly being in this area really really makes you spend money that is not reimbursable. I met a missionary couple,  the Darringtons are from Rupert. They know Kalani Sitake?

I have been really trying to write my journal everyday ever since I watched "Mountain of the Lord." 

I got one of the best compliments last night from Elder Alcoseor Seaone. He was like Elder Buhler is real. Elder Buhler no matter what will always be Elder Buhler, if he is helping you its because he really wants to if he didn't want to he wouldn't. His love is pure and his hate is clear ahahaha so ya I loved that. It really helped. um well I have taught some lessons. One of the people I teach is an ex navy commando who always says he is gonna break my face in but i think he is joking ahahah so thats awsome ahahah . I'm also working with the L family to baptized the dad . He prayed for eternal families  so that was cool. I find my self quoting all the church movies ahhahah. I love it . ah man its cool to hear about senior night for my boys... good way to go out. Anyways O love you all. By the way Elder Brown who lives in Washigton says that his neighbors know us? The Crumps? Brayden Crump? I rode 60 km so that was really not fun ahahaha. I have biked so much on my mish . I never want to see another bike after.  Anyways i love you all.

Elder Buhler

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