Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 40: Elder Buhler has an Astronaut Experience!

1. What cool thing happened to you this week? Well while I was teaching the Red Sox won the World Series and then right after an earthquake happened then President called me to tell me Jacob just committed to BYU so that was the best day. Also I destroyed some young ones in basketball. Jalon has taught me well. 

2. Did you meet any new people to teach this week? We met a single mom who is Mormon but will teach her mom.

3. Where do you bike 60km to? Our huge area! Its bigger than that too. 

4. What goals have you set on your mission related to your mission?To be able to be fluent and translate for people and strengthen my testimony.

5. Did you get the package I sent to you? Not yet.

Ni hao.... um well CONGRATULATIONS TO FREAKING JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SMOKES you guys have no idea how happy I was or how happy I am. President called me and was like "I got good news." I was like "Bronco called and said he needed me on the team." He was like "Close. Your brother committed to play soccer at BYU." At that point, Elder Xu describes " it all went to heck." I was jumping with joy and flipped my chair, flipped a desk, etc so ya I was super happy! I was so proud.

I have been praying and fasting since I came on a mission for 6 things: my family to be ok,  Caitlin  to get better,  Jared make Rangers, Cassie to make Cottonwood, Jacob to make BYU and finally for me to be good at Chinese ... so while 5 out of the 6 are good. Anyways, ah man, i am so happy.

I read Jalon's  thing mom sent to me about what he wrote on Facebook and ah man you all have no idea what that meant to me. Like no one knows. I literally started tearing up. I never cry if i can help it. All right so congrats to Jacob. You deserve it dude. You have worked so hard. Elder Noll says congrats too. Elder Xu doesn't really understand but I'm sure he would say congrats too.  Ah man, so happy. 

Anyways.... well I'm doing good. I actually have been fasting a lot lately for Brother L because his family is golden and well his wife is my RC and I need to help this family. I can't even tell you all how much I love this guy. 

Hey so my ward is actually having a real Thanksgiving and so can you send me 2 gravy packets ... so ya that is exciting.

Nothing really new has happened. Next week I will have temple trip so I won't be able to email on Monday I don't think but  the good news is I will be able to see Elder Nelson and Edmunds (bet that makes you jealous Ashley).

So anyways my Chinese is not where I want it but people have been saying its improving. idk  I wish i could go to compton and speak jive now that I'm fluent in.

I finished the Book of Mormon at like 2 in the morning and I had some questions so I started to call president then decided that wasn't the best idea. I can't really sleep at night so I just read and study Chinese. 

So cool experience.... so there is this long tunnel and you all know that I want to be an astronaut and I have this huge imagination that never left me. So I was riding really really fast and well I timed it I closed my eyes in the tunnel and gave a count down like a I was in a rocket and as i hit one i flew out of the tunnel and Bam I opened my eyes and there were so many stars there are never stars. It was crazy!

Oh ya last Pday I threw with Sean and man the guy is 40 but he bombed the ball 60 yards easy. He said I had really good hands which made me blush but ya I got a signed ball for Elder Greer cause he is Mets fan. Oh mom, if you go on Taiwan Taichung blog spot there are some pics of me.

Anyways, I'm sorry to hear about Springville's football loss.  I know its hard to lose but those guys redeemed a program that I feel I screwed up so ya know they did something great. 

I love you all.

Elder Bear Cat

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