Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 42: Gave a Blessing This Week

1. How was the temple? It was fine. I didn't get to see Elder N. so that was disappointing.

2. How are your investigators? hai hao

3. What is your ward doing for Thanksgiving? They are having me cook a turkey so please send a recipe.

Hey nihao everyone I'm just chilling in the jungle as we speak. Congrats to Kristen!!! I went on exchanges this week which was good . It  was with Elder R. He is pretty cool. He knew some guys from snow from Layton. so ya we had a blast.  It was crazy fun. The temple was good though I didn't get to see Elder N. I  haven't been sleeping alright lately so ya that's alright I guess . So story of the week one of our RCS had a seizure . I looked up from saying a prayer and she was leaning back like she was a asleep and then bam she was having a seizure so ya I remembered all my boy scout first aid  and Lisa Walker emergency preparedness stuff and knew what to do but the authorities had everything under control. 

Yesterday I had this weird feeling to go to a investigators house who honestly we were about to drop. So we did. He believes everything he just doesn't want to change I guess. Anyways so we went over there and Elder Xu was like you do the talking then bub. And ya I was like "hey man, I know your mom is sick can I give her a blessing?" He told me I could so I did. The. missionaries have been seeing this guy for over like 7 years and I'm the first one that he allows to give his mom a blessing so that was cool . 

Love, Elder Buhler

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