Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 41: Elder Buhler Needs Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes!

1. Did you get your package yet? Yes, I did and I loved it!!! Absolutely loved it!!!
2. Do transfers happen at the same time every month? When is the next transfers? Sometime in December like the 5th.

3. How was gong to the temple? Tell us about it? I go this week.
4. How are your investigators doing? They are doing well.
5. When do you get money every month? How much money do you get in US dollars? What do you spend it on? Travel and food.

Hola familia First off, I am still in Mingjian. Life is awesome. So cool stuff I found out that the elder we met in Brick Oven a year ago is Elder F. He is pretty cool.

On Friday, we biked to like the top of a mountain and man was it hard but man was it worth it. I was buying some Indian taco stuff and the guy is Islamic and he was like so you are Christians right?  Then he was like well I'm Christian too. He said we believe he was a prophet. I was like and we believe He was more, He was the Son of God.  Then we had this huge debate where I was defending Christianity. For a few moments I was the the defender of Christianity, ahahha. Then I gave him my personal Chinese Book of Mormon, which he said he would read. Then I told him to read Moroni 10:2-3, so ya. 

Then on Saturday we had a primary activity which didn't work out as well as I wished it would have. Then my companion and I were sitting on the train and running into this delightful couple from Australia and Canada; one was Catholic and the other atheist. We had an awesome conversation. She was like, "What is the difference between your church and my girlfriend's church?" and honestly I said we have the keys and the authority and then we started talking about how the Bible has been changed to many times by man and she said so the basis of your religion is not perfect .I said well the bible is not the basis of ours... she said then what is and I said the Book of Mormon. Then she said you want me to believe Joseph Smith wrote this 200 yrs ago and its true and I said he translated it, please ahahah and I placed a Book of Mormon with them so that was pretty cool I guess. Also so ya I was reading in my journal my early dates and man I'm embarrassed about how bone headed i was . For real. Oh and can you get recipes for turkey and gravy. I'm  helping cook it in our ward. Can you ask Grandma Buhler or Grandma Harris. Anyways love you all.  Elder Buhler

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