Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 43: Elder Buhler Is Hoping that L.D. Will Be Baptized

1. What fantastic thing happened to you this past week? We got an investigator to commit to baptism in like 2 weeks.... so I'm super happy about that.
2. How are your investigators? Are they making any progress? Some are, some aren't.
3. What's the weather like there? What exactly are you doing for Thanksgiving? Why are you over cooking the turkey? Because I'm American... I set a church on fire. I am clearly more qualified than anyone here. 
4. Are you living with American or Chinese roommates? Chinese
5. Where do you buy your food at? Is it an indoor or outdoor market? What things do you buy for groceries?  Sorry about withdrawing money for food. I bike honestly 50 km a day so I eat a lot.... but ya nothing new.
6. Tell me about  your primary. Do you have  very big primary there? You were always so great with kids. Do you talk to the kids a lot? Well last week five people came to church... 4 of us and some random dude from he stake.
7. How is your Chinese progressing? I am not gonna lie I study my butt off constantly all day but I feel like I still need to improve.

Ni hao everyone.... so mom that package will be hard not to open. Tell them not to give it to till after this next move call so I don't have to carry it... and well letters for today are short.

Well I have L.D.  committed to baptism which is awesome. I'm super happy about that. 
Um, no one came to church or English class so that was fun ahhahahah I did 356 push ups and 129 sit ups so ya I'm a big deal int the apartment.... but ya sorry for taking out so much money literally I'm out of money because I eat so much... it's a bad habit but I bike like 50 km a day... ya well nothing cool is happening. I found out I'm not trunky.  I'm just home sick. I miss and love home so much but its all good.

Anyways love you all.

Elder Buhler

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