Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week #82 Crazy Mission Week

Well Fam Bam, it has been a crazy ride to start off everything. We had a kid show up at the church and say he ran away from home and is suicidal. S,o we sat him down and started talking to him and just tried to calm him down. I called my superiors, who then called a social worker who then came. Over 3 hours later the social worker was like he is fine and leaves. Then this kid says he has a bomb and ah man all this crazy stuff so finally we let him go, and then bam he came back five min later, saying he was joking the entire time and so that wasted our entire day. Turns out the kid is mentally crazy, and ya. Super duper annoying, and I was mad to say the least... that was it in a nut shell...

Then we saw Kuahhu. He is the blind Hawaiian guy who plays the piano super duper well. He was pretty cool dude. Got a picture with him.

So, we are not supposed to talk about what happened to the 2 missionaries. I do not know much. I knew one of the Elders. He went to Springville, and was a really nice and quiet kid. It is crazy how stuff like this happens.  One thing I have come to realize is that I can search for all the logic I want on the existence of God, or for Atheism, but in the end, both sides need faith. You can't through logic prove anything you need faith. Food for thought.

Bear cat.
Good luck Jacob.
Elder Buhler

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