Monday, August 4, 2014

Week #79 Basketball Contacting Works!

Hey fam bam! Its me, Elder Buhler!!!! 

Well, this week's will be kinda short. This weekend we contacted a lot and I feel we have seen some fruits from the labors....look at me with my scripture vocab. Allan, the homeless man, has progressed and this week I gave him my white shirt and a cool tie so he can look like a stud. He gave a 7 min prayer for the people effected by the Gaoxiong explosion. At the end, he was in tears. Ah man made me really think of how awful of human being I am and how awesome he is. Well he is progressing. I feel I forget that Jesus said in the gospel of Luke that the gospel is preached to the poor and all that and I really forget that. We went on exchanges this week and well it was interesting. I was sitting in class and this dude walks in and asks if this is a church and I was like ya who are you and he was driving home when he saw the sign so he came to check it out... Golden. So I sat him down taught him and gave home a goal... the funny part is he is the other elders' investigator cause he is in their area.... so that sad but whatever.  I am happy for him. Ya, that explosion was crazy. Its in our city.  I was nowhere near it so no worries.  Oh someone tell Mama Garfield that I made spam masubis all by myself!!! 

I got the care package and oh man it was good.  I realized that I compare myself too much and try to be the best but obviously i can't be the best. Um well I also feel that the mission has really changed me a lot.  I am trying to think of a super spiritual thought but i can't. Um oh I picked up 2 new investigators from basketball!!!  I gave one a goal... so any one ever tell you that bball proselyting is a waste you tell them that Elder Buhler did it and has 2 RC's from it. I want to let you all know I love you and if I have ever wronged you in the slightest please contact me and let me know so I can make amends for it. I love you all. 

Elder Buhler

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