Monday, July 28, 2014

Week #78 Had a Great Baptism

Ni hao everyone! 

Well, first off this week has been long. We got hit by a typhoon which was not the best. We had a RC try to apostatize and tell me Satan is coming for me. 

We had a baptism which was beautiful!!!  The guy totally changed his life. It was beautiful. He was crying the entire time. It was hard to watch.  I had the honor of carrying him into the font and out of the font. He had a stroke. It was a really cool thing... former mafia dude... super amazing.

I had exchanges will the ZL. He said I was like Porter Rockwell so I will take that's a compliment. Its been a good week. This week has also been super duper slow. I have been trying to get new investigators. I went back to basketball contact in and it has been working so I am happy about that!!! 

That's it ya'll.

Elder Buhler

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