Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week #74 Pray for Sam to Get Baptized!!!!

Ni hao everyone,

Well this week has been a fun one!!!I went on exchanges with two elders!!! Elder Cornelius from Oregon which was so much fun. He is such a bro. I would actually like to chill with him after. He loves soccer and he really, really wanted to go pro but didn't .... but he is still super awesome at it. He loves back country bow hunting.... well now I do too.... anyways yah it was a super chill exchange. Really fun. We both really love the church. 

Anyways, the next exchange was with Elder McDougal from Idaho Falls. He is really smart. We both really like science so instead of the normal swapping sports stories we talked about black holes, God,  science and all that. And to be honest it really really helped my testimony. I think one of the biggest things I am afraid of is if I go home and still pursue physics that one day I will run into Stephen Hawking and he will just rip me a new one. I really want to have a stronger testimony and be able to withstand his brain power.

Anyways.... oh ya last week we ate a huge bowl of bing.  Pictures will follow.

I gave a ten minute talk on faith in Chinese.... which is like a milestone for me. I filled the talk with ancient Chinese proverbs so people would think I was super smart. ahahahaha.

We also had a ward party and they had a watermelon eating contest... and well I won.... 4 times in a row. Needless to say they don't want to mess with the Elder Bear Cat but after I   won the 4th time I walked away from the table and just threw up all over the ground... the Lil kids loved it. um....

We also got a baptismal goal for a dude named Sam!!! so pray everyone pray!!!

I love you all. Congrats to Cassie for being in Bolivia... that's sick. Congrats to Jacob and BYU winning games.  Congrats to Jared for giving the Timberline graduation speech. Also congrats to mom for the triathlon and dad for putting up with everyone and most of all congrats to my lil princess Caitlin. 

Love you all! Elder Buhler

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