Monday, June 23, 2014

Week #73 Had a Meeting with a Chinese Tea Party

1. How are your investigators doing this week? Are any of them progressing? Yes,we nailed an invite.

2. How was Zone Conference? It was pretty cool. 

3. What exciting thing happened to you this past week? My comp was sick.  

4. Who are you sharing your apartment with?
Another companionship.

Ni hao everyone! Well this week has been actually super duper boring. My comp picked up a cold and we were in for 4 days and the other 2 days we had meetings so we really only had a a day and a half of teaching... so ya our numbers are super haihao.  I will be expecting the call from the President that I am getting fired soon.  The cool thing that happened was we went to go teach an lLA and well he said his friends wanted to meet us so we were pretty excited.  When we showed up there were like 10 Taiwanese old dudes and we sat down and they were all really nice and then they started playing this video... then we had a bad feeling.  It turns out they are part of a group of Taiwanese that wants the USA to liberate them. Kinda like a more radical tea party.  I said we had to go and could not really affiliate with them and that I have to love everyone, so we left.  

Apparently a lot of them came from all over the area to meet with us. I have no idea what they thought i could do.  I went to a Jr college. I felt bad but honestly our roles as missionaries are to help people change their lives. We had a guy commit to baptism which is pretty awesome. He has been investigating for a while and it’s supposed to happen next week. I had to go on splits with the ward leaders and during the 2 lessons i didn't understand anything... it was entirely in Taiyou not Mandarin.... crazy.... Anyways i am heartbroken over England losing... but how about the USA!!! See ya later Spain . World Cup is in full swing over here. Love you all. Cassie have fun in Bolivia and Jacob live it up college man!!

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