Monday, June 9, 2014

Week #71: Tracting, Tracting and More Tracting!

Hey fam bam so the email will be short but to start off HAPPY BDAY CASSIE AND JARED!!!! Ah man, I  am still writing you guys letters and grabbing you some stuff.   I am sorry to Kate Hullinger,  who is now the nanny of the Buhler family! You are in my prayers!  Congrats to Jalon... he is coming back out to the field!!!!! And to Jacob for traveling with BYU !!!  This week we did a lot of tracting... a lot of tracting... so much tracting that it was insane.... not a lot of success but I don't care,  I love it. Well I love you all. My Chinese is improving and if anything pray for Sam and Tang and Hong.... I love you all. Elder Buhler

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