Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week #70: The Mission is My Life

Dear fam bam

First off, congrats to our new college boy.  Second off,  happy birthday Jared.  Third, may you all have a Happy Dragon Boat Festival and if you don't know what that is, well join the club.
This week has been crazy.  So I got my new comp , Elder Galura who I might say just might be the biggest stud ever. Just a super humble guy whose dad was in the navy and he lived all over the world.  He actually went to MMHS. Did I mention this kid is a musical prodigy? He hears something and can play it and he plays 4 instruments. We are gonna run away from home and start a band. Well we are gonna buy a house and then run away.  Well he is awesome and amazing at music and just a stud overall. Well this week has been cool.  We have picked up 4 new investigators which is like a miracle. The biggest one is S. We got him from English and man oh man he is taking everything super well. We taught him the 1st lesson, 2nd lesson, law of chastity and word of wisdom and even got to polygamy.... all in 1 lesson and he was totally chill with it. Then we talked about the Book of Mormon for 1 hour and man he was still chill with it. He is the most golden man in the world.
Elder Galura and I have tract ed for what it seems like ages now ahhaha we tract so much but I am finally feeling we are seeing a bunch  of good stuff happen from it. We have tract ed into like 5 homes, one which is the richest house i have ever seen in Taiwan. It reminds me of Mike Cutler cause well the guy is a construction worker.
 I feel impressed to share this. So a lot of us missionaries... OK it might be only me, feel like we put our lives on hold and can't get wait to get back to that life back home but my cousin Calvin told me that this is my life.  The mission is my life. My life is not on hold. It is currently going. For those of you who know me, I am a huge dreamer and I love talking about the past but my cousin challenged me to live in the now. I only have about 7 months left.  I need to make everyday count. Its kinda like editing film on final cut pro in Mr. Boss's class. I felt my life was one long strip and for the mission and I had to cut a piece out and put it on a different line. But I realized that its all one strip. This is my life and I need to enjoy it. I always am thinking about how am I gonna get into the college i want to, or I miss football, or I want to go to Paystrup's wedding or go camping with him or do hood rat things with Cassie but I have to realize  what I have now. Now is a special time in my life where I actually feel like I matter. Its kinda like high school when we are in it we just want to go to college but after high school most of us miss it. I don't want it to be like that after the mission.  I want to leave it all in the mission.
I am really inspired by Elder Krieger's letters.  That kid talks with faith and boldness that honestly I wish I had. He talks about through God he can do all things.  I challenge everyone to live in the now, enjoy and  smell of the roses and to be like Elder Krieger and walk with God, hand in hand . Even if you don't know if He is there ... try it.
Love you all. Elder Buhler

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