Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week # 72: A Great Tracting Miracle

1) How are your investigators? 

Well we have 3 goals right now. I  think they are super hai hao.... so idk... i am aiming for more quality than quantity. 

2) how is your companion? What great experiences have you had together? 

We can relate together.  We are both half Asians and like to play music. 

3) Is it hot there? How do you keep cool? Do you have air conditioning in your room? In your entire apartment? 

Air conditioning is the greatest thing ever.

4) Do you still bike every where or do you ever ride public transportation? 

We ride our bikes everywhere.

5) How are you now liking the food now compared to when you first came to Taiwan? Do you eat it all the time? Do you eat on the street a lot? Do members feed you? What's your favorite food? Least favorite food? Do you like things with red beans in them? 

I like it a lot but I miss other types of food. I eat rice everyday. Yes we always eat on the street. We rarely get fed my the members. I like the breakfast food here. It's pretty good. I hate stinky tofu. I hate the red bean stuff.

6. Chinese.  Do you speak it fluently now? How much of it do you understand? Are you able to say whatever you want to say? it takes 10 years to become fluent in Chinese. No mom I am not fluent. I just started learning characters.  Yes, I can talk and understand.

7. What are you doing for Pday? We are going to go out and eat.

Ni hao everyone.  Well another day in the beautiful Republic of China. Well this week has been rough. Its rained the entire week and we have tr acted most of it but not with out the miracles!!! We tracted for 2 hours and not one single person let us in or listened to us. However as we were leaving we saw this one kid walking home and we said hey and started talking to him. It turns out I had played ball with him and so he invited us in to talk and then we got him to commit to a date for baptism. Now that would not of happened if we hadn't tracted that area or prayed... bam... 

We biked out an hour to go find an less active and we saw the ocean!! And so they have these man made concrete things that are about 10 feet tall and they are go down to the bottom so its about 30 feet from the bottom of the ocean to top so we just climbed all over them and it kinda got sketchy but overall it was a heart warming experiences for all. 

I almost got another root canal this week.. which is not too fun.  I might get one next week. i swear i have met with the dentist more times in the last month than in my entire life. Oh ya yesterday we had a boss day set up for Sunday full of lessons... like 8 lessons total and well it rained and everyone canceled on us.  But I got to bring this less active to watch an old church movie with us its called "ON THE WAY HOME." According to Elder Kim that movie dunks people. Its super cool. I liked it a lot. Well happy birthday to Cassie!!! ah man you are so old 16 so crazy!!! I am so happy for you !!! Currently I am in an  awful depression because I am on a mission during the world cup... but go England and the US... love you all. 

Elder Buhler

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