Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week #69: Elder Buhler's Adopted Grandpa

Ni hao everyone!!! Well its that time of the month again!!! MOVE CALL the most overrated hyped up thing in the entire mission. The one night where you stress out where you are going and the zone leaders act like they are the flipping coolest people ever. Oh, the move call. Well this week we had a rude awakening of the APs calling us at 8 and telling both other elders that they have to be out by ____so that was crazy. It was fun having that kind of a 4 man apartment. Elder Brinley and Liu are both awesome missionaries and so much fun to be around they are really bros. Well Elder Roberts packed up and left this morning. It was really sad cause we had gotten really close and well it was time for the little fella to move on and get out of here. The week was kinda crazy. Actually it was a pretty down week.  Not too many lessons but its funny the change you see in people over a 6 week period. One of our investigators who at the beginning of the move call had zero belief in the word hope has now come to church and believes that the Book of Mormon and us can really truly help him. I like to focus on the LA's out here because I feel that they all left the church for some reason or another but its always cool to get them back because they really are what makes up the ward. I think my favorite member is  a very old man named Shen Bei Bei. He had a stroke and lives by him self and even though he is not LA in the slightest.  I try to go visit him every other day well because he is lonely but also because I love the old guy to death. We sit with each other at church every week and he always saves my seat and basically we communicate with smiling laughing or my awful Chinese. He is just a sweet ol man and if I ever meet his son I'm gonna smack him so hard for not visiting his dad. Sometimes he has us watch these super old Chinese movies and man are they funny. Another cool thing happened an investigator challenged me to read a book about Tibetan Buddhism and he would read the Book of Mormon and well I read it and it was really awesome getting a chance to look into what most of Taiwan is supposed to believe. We got to see our first Taoism parade which is super super weird. They have all this traditional weird stuff and then they have these cars with poles on them... I personally don't see how they are at all related but hey when in Taiwan, am I right? Congrats to the year of 2014. I hope whether you go to college or go on a mission or join the military that everything works out for all of you. Congrats to my lil bro Jacob!!

Love you all,

Elder Buhler

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