Monday, May 19, 2014

Week #67: (Mother's Day Skype: No Email); Week #68: A Mission is Super Awesome in the Weirdest Ways

What's up everyone!!! Well these week has been interesting!!! Skyping the fam bam was a good.!! I miss you all so much and can't wait to see you all !!! 

Well, this week was interesting. We got fanged (mom note: I have no idea what this means) 16 times this week which is hilarious if you think about it!!! We a got invited to sing at a club that our RC sings at.  I played the good 'ol a team song then wagon wheel then falling slowly they liked a team so much they invited me to go again.... they were oh so wrong to let me... Stacie Jax in the making.

No, but this week we accidentally tracted into a less active part member family and man oh man was it cool. The wife is baptized and totally wants us to baptize the father and it has really been a huge faith builder even when the days are going by horribly that miracles like this can happen. 

I really feel like the mission has been super awesome in the weirdest ways. You get to meet all these people who you would of never been friends with before the mission and become super buddy buddy. Elder Brinley (an elder in the apartment)  and I talked till 4 in the morning about vexations of the soul. Religion, what I
we want in life, what we want to become and etc. 

I was asked a question: what do I want be become? What kind of missionary do I want to become like? At first, I said I want to become like Porter Rockwell and I thought again na I want to be a missionary that God would be proud of in a sense. 

Well last night I could not sleep so I stayed up late reading Liahonas and man some of the stories are really good and some are so cheesy but I feel that they are all really helpful in there own little way. I don't know if any of you have watched the new "I'm a Mormon" about the lady who is the drummer for neon trees but it really hit home with me. It's just a super good message that I feel can hit a home run with a lot of people!!! 

It's super duper hot here. One more thing is this investigator who when I came to the area told us there is no hope and hope is fake made a complete change. We told him we loved him and he started to cry and then this week he just showed up at church. It was crazy !! It was cool. Congrats to Springville for track! Proud of all my boys that are graduating . Props to Jacob for all the coolish he is doing. Also EVERY ONE CONGRATULATE SYD BROWN AND PACY TO TASTY they are getting married and are naming there 1st child after me. 

Well love you all.

Elder Buhler

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