Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week #66: "Play Like Its Your Last Down Ever."

Dear Everyone:

This week has been a roller coaster!!! i have had to change my missionary mode because some people in the ward have complained and if there is one thing I do not allow on my ship is a mutiny!!! ha jokes but its all worked out now. We have invited one of our investigators to get baptized. He however feels that religion is a family thing so he will talk it over with his family. Honestly he is awesome. We have been teaching him English and finally we get to talk about some spiritual stuff thanks to our good friend Jack. He is a great guy! He is the guy whose thesis I am correcting. 

Ya know i can say this. I have wasted a lot of my time on my  mission especially last year just being stupid and right now i don't have time to do stupid stuff.  Well ok I do but I have to work harder than ever before.  I was reading some old letters yesterday and 3 that came to mind were Troy's , Marcus Case's and Brother Chivers. 

 All were different in context.  Troy's was playful yet his message was blunt "quit being a baby." Marcus's was just how much he loved me and he knew I could do hard things and finally Flynn's where he challenged me to dare to do mighty things.  All these letters are currently in my journal because they remind me I need to one, quit being a baby and, two that even if i don't believe in my self a lot of people believe in me and three,  I need to dare to do great things. I am truly blessed to have these people in my life. They help me on my mission. It's crazy to think last year people were saying you better stay on your mission and now its dude you are coming home.

I love my mission. I will be real. It was the hardest and still is the hardest thing I have ever done but i will quote Marcus "the mission is the greatest thing i have ever done". I hope my lil brothers and whoever reads my emails will excuse my weaknesses and make no mistake the mission will break but it will also build you up. And I hope by the end of my mission I can be proud of what i have done. I have about 7 months left and I intend to make them count. I will quote Brandon Curtis "play like its your last down ever". 

We all who have played with Curtis remember who played hard every down and we would like wise should do the same. Sorry there is not a lot of funny stuff in this letter. I just felt impressed i should share all of this with you . I have struggled on my mish and shoot I will still struggle but man I love the people i have met.

Love you all.

Elder Buhler

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